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Factions you wish were joinable

In skyrim not all factions in the game are joinable such as the vigilants,aldmerie dominion,alkir,black blood mauraders,the afflicted,forsworn*,hunters of hircine ,silver hand,mystic dawn,psijic oder,summerset shadows,synod,morag tong and some others.

I wish that some of these factions could be joinable to spice up the world of skyrim with not just one assassin guild or thieves guild but two or possible three. I think it would be very cool if the synod,psijic order and mages college were all joinable.

But anyways there just my thoughts and I'm interested in what you guys think



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  • I wish every faction had a joinable opposing faction. The Summerset Shadows vs Thieves Guild; Morag Tong vs Dark Brotherhood; The Synod vs The College of Winterhold; Silver Hand vs Companions 

    • Hopefully this will be the case in elder scrolls 6

      • Man I sincerely hope so but I doubt it. Bethesda always cuts all the good shit out of their games for some reason. 

    • When you complete either the synod or mages college you could join the psijic order or something would be cool

  • The Thalmor, Camonna Tong to name a few. Skyrim is sorely lacking in evil factions to join, unless you want to be an assassin or vampire.

  • The Forsworn are technically joinable, at least Madanach's bunch won't. It's likely thr other ones you meet that are hostile are other clans

  • Bandits and forsworn: 

    • I wish you could've joined The Forsworn and go to different "bases" throughout The Reach and go through the ranks, maybe becoming a Briarheart? Then, perhaps, ressurect Red Eagle and have him be by your side as you and an army of Forsworn assault Markarth and free Madanach.

  • I think the silverhand would be neat. They seem to lack organization, and present an interesting challenge in being werewolf hunters. Quests around destroying the Companions, the solstheim group, and other random werewolf tracking quests could be fun. Plus, it would actually be a Faction where it makes sense for you to come in and take over. 

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