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Factions you wish were joinable

In skyrim not all factions in the game are joinable such as the vigilants,aldmerie dominion,alkir,black blood mauraders,the afflicted,forsworn*,hunters of hircine ,silver hand,mystic dawn,psijic oder,summerset shadows,synod,morag tong and some others.

I wish that some of these factions could be joinable to spice up the world of skyrim with not just one assassin guild or thieves guild but two or possible three. I think it would be very cool if the synod,psijic order and mages college were all joinable.

But anyways there just my thoughts and I'm interested in what you guys think



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  • Alright I’m gonna hit you guys with an idea out of left field. Would it not be awesome if you could join a khajiit caravan?

    • Yeah thatd be cool

    • Yeah, it would be. I just wish they were all rivals instead of being headed all by Ma'Dran. That way you could work for certain caravans and get them under control of the one you work for making your own small travelling village. The quests could involve skooma dealing and other shenanigans.

  • I think there should be a couriers guild where couriers keep getting attacked by bandits and stealing letters

  • From the top of my head:

    - Morag Tong

    - Silver Hand

    - Aldmeri Dominion

    - Vigilant of Stendarr

    - The Forsworn(not just Madanach's gang)

    - The Temples(you could choose one deity and serve as priest on it's Temple)

    I wish we could also create our own bandit camp after you raiding an existing one. It would be nice to recruit and command a bandit camp. 

    Also, a hunter's guild would be nice.

  • I wish the Pentitus Oculotus were joinable. Skyrim is sorely lacking in political intrigue and espionage.

    • I second that. I think their history and interactions with other factions other than the DB would have been amazing. The DB Questline makes them look so weak.

      • I about gave up on completing the DB questline my first time for that very reason. You'd think that a werewolf, several mages, a vampire, and a freaking shadowscale would be more than a match for those soldiers. 

        • I mean, it makes some sense. The element of surprise and numbers being one thing. Like say Festus. Considering where his body is, hte could have been ambused while either heading out to or coming back from a contract. Though, I wonder, you think the Empire or the like have some sort of magic restricting cuffs or the like to deal with mage criminals?

  • The An-Xileel hands down, the Argonians get no love and it would be awesome to experience them in their most savage form storming Oblivion. 

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