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How often do you Fast Travel

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You can't actually get around this way in game. I just googled 'Skyrim fast travel' and decided to go with this picture. 


What are your thoughts on Fast Traveling? Do you find yourself using it often, or do you abstain from it entirely for the sake of immersion? Leave your thoughts below and check out the accompanying poll on the front page. 

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  • I'd honestly forgotten that it was a thing until this post reminded me. I think Requiem disables it, so that the only "fast" travel available is carriages, which you have to actually pay a bit for, and only go to hub locations. That way you don't just get it for free. So I guess the answer is technically "never".

    Although I do quite like the little system I came up with in lieu of Skyrim's vanilla fast travel. If I don't feel like walking or taking my horse the entire way, and one is available from where I'm starting, I'll take a carriage to the Hold that's closest to where I need to go. Then I hop on my horse from there until I get the rest of the way to my specific destination, or walk if I don't have a horse yet.

  • I'm always using a carriage, I get as close to my destination as possible and I walk the remaining distance. I might be the only person that still use the clairvoyance spell.

  • Back in my console days I used to abuse it, but I've long since committed myself to stopping due to all the random encounters and discoveries I missed out on. These days I use the mod Better Fast Travel which comes with numerous immersive traveling features, most notably the option to disable menu based fast traveling.

    Some of the most fun I've had in Skyrim as of late has been stumbling upon the countless new NPCs and random encounters added by mods such as Interesting NPCs, Warzones, Immersive Patrols, Followers go on Trips, and Immersive World Encounters. 

  • I'm a fast traveler and I'm proud of it! Judge me if you wish.

  • I think fast travel is a necessary evil in Skyrim; back in Morrowind, the player was provided with a plethora of travel options and is encouraged to use them. when the feature was introduced in oblivion, the developers relied heavily upon it and cut many travel features. For those of us who don’t have a ton of time to devote to the game, fast travel becomes necessary to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. So yes, I use fast travel unless I have a particularly large chunk of time to play.

  • I ussualy use mods that disable it. If its there thenit forces me to use it. So I disable it.  Much better with survival mods.

  • It depends what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes I just want convenience. Immersion is cool and all at times but I don't want the game to feel like a chore. Some playthroughs I even use the fast travel indoors mod. 


    For limited travel I like the mod that limits it to carriages and road signs. 

  • I would like to never fast travel, but the game is designed around it (which is probably why the world outside is so barren). Quests will sometimes take you across the whole province and back, and the vendor for a spell tome you need might be light years away (ie. you're in the Reach and you need an adept alteration tome), but the biggest driver of fast travel is the carry weight and merchants' limited cash flow. So unless I'm playing a social outcast with the magical aptitude of a skeever (one of my favorite builds was like this, a green pact bosmer), I use a little head canon gymnastics and allow myself to teleport between standing stones.

  • It depends if i'm roleplaying, pal.

  • I use the fast travel feature sparingly. I prefer to travel by foot, so as to encounter any and all random spawns and flavor along the way. On occasion, if I'm completing a quest and find myself having to run far out into the wild and, upon completion, have to return back to where I came from, I tend to use the fast travel to return instantly, but not always.

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