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We've all played Skyrim, mostly, and we all enjoy it to some degree. However we can't deny that the questlines felt lacking in certain areas, such as the Thieves Guild questline where there isn't much thievery going on. Then there's the College of Winterhold questline with its endless fetching. Also, you can go through the entire quest without using magic just look at Ymfah's vid. What would you improve?

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  • For one, probably bringing back the part of Mephala's quest where you can kill Balgruuf alongside hisn kids. The second is bringing back the sieges of towns and shit

    • That would be sick.

    • Mephala’s daedric quest was actually supposed to go somewhat like that, except you’d convince the jarl’s  kids to kill him. 

      • Honestly, that would've been so much better. Why did Bethesda cut so much good stuff?

        • Probably xause murder via children wojld be a bit too fucked. Same as why children arent killable

          • The miserable little shits. I just want to strangle Balgruufs brat Dagne.

  • Both Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild lack good post quest missions. ESO did a great job with this for their DB and Thieves Guild. Upon completion of the faction main quest you unlocked an endless series of radiant quests, each one transporting you to a seperate cell upon starting. These cells could be anything from noble estates to smugglers dens and you are given timed objectives to complete within each. The objectives could be anything from killing a specific elite target or stealing a heavily guarded object without being seen. Enemies within these zones had unique reactions such as sounding alarms when they spot you, which would summon more enemies. 

    • I haven't had the chance to play ESO, but that sounds much better than go here and listen to the Desperate Gambler talk about how he wants you to kill The Beautiful Barbarian because...reasons? The Thieves guild was no better becaue you'd end up stealing the same things, or rewriting ledgers (seriously!). Vex even says that "we've stolen this item before" when you go to accept her radiant quests.

      • Having a slew of mods with added new locations greatly reduced the likelihood of being sent on a repeat job. I’ve been sent to steal things from as far as Bruma, Evermore, and even Falskaar. The same can be said of any radiant quest. 

  • I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Bard’s college. I suppose the only good part about it is you’re not running the Bard’s College by the end of its quest line. 

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