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We've all played Skyrim, mostly, and we all enjoy it to some degree. However we can't deny that the questlines felt lacking in certain areas, such as the Thieves Guild questline where there isn't much thievery going on. Then there's the College of Winterhold questline with its endless fetching. Also, you can go through the entire quest without using magic just look at Ymfah's vid. What would you improve?

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    • While I do wish, like, maybe an instrument minigame or some such had been implemented, adventuring also works for Bardic duties. Telling tales of your deeds, and such

  • I would redo all the factions and have them work like they did in fallout new Vegas. Have the legion and the Stormcloaks be the main faction just like the NCR and Caesar’s Legion and introduce numerous quests where you’d be able to betray one side for the other. And you’ll have to join other factions like the college and dark brotherhood and convince them to assist the side of the war you’ve chosen. 

    • What if the last main story mission was similiar to Oblivion's. You could go around to each of the factions and the leader of each would join you in the final battle in Sovangarde. You would all ride on Odahving. The Epic clash at the end would be Intresting with Astrid and the assassins, Mercer Frey and the thieves, Kodlak Whitemane and the companions, Savos Aren and the Mages, all of them tackling Skuldafn and the draugr and dragons there until you reach Nahkriin. Then it is just the the leaders and you that enter the portal and you and all of the residence of the Hall of Shor battle Alduin at The End of Time.

    • I like the idea and think a great addition would be the chance to join the Thalmor.  They could introduce the espionage and political intrigue the civil war quest line sorely lacks. Of course to keep things immersive you’d only be able to join them as a khajiit, high elf or wood elf.

      • Or, do a Second Great War, and have your character become a turncoat and work for the Thalmor, though you'd have to do more to build up their trust if you aren't onw of those three

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