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It’s official: Elder Scrolls VI is on its way...

Did you see the announcement trailer? Of course you did. Let’s start the speculation with where on Nirn could this next game possibly be set. 

We know so precious little at this point, but what we do know is that Elder Scrolls 6 will be released after Starfield which will come after Fallout 76. With just the teaser and nothing else to go on its difficult to determine where ES 6 will take us, but Hammerfell and High Rock seem to be the most likely candidates. But who cares what I think? What do you folks think? 

Let the speculations begin!

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  • High Rock or Hmmerfell 

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  • That could be anywhere. My guess is high rock. 

  • Yeah it looks like the Iliac Bay. Could be High Rock or Hammerfell, or even both. Maybe Orsinium too. Definitely a *long* way off (I'll tentatvely guess 2023, since they said this drops after Starfield, which they specifically referred to as a "next gen" release). But good to know it's coming, and to even get a little cinematic teaser. Was not expecting that at all!

    • Oh man I would kill for a game with all three of those locations. 

  • It’s a slim chance but I hope it’s Elysweyr.

  • Good to know it’s actually happening! Though it’ll be a long time I think, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait at least a few years since it’s meant to be next gen.

  • I have no idea where they might actually choose but I'm really hoping it's High Rock and Orsinium.  It makes sense to do these both together since they are both smaller and right next to each other.  Plus, featuring both could allow for some pretty interesting story options like traveling to Orsinium from High Rock trying to seek out an alliance between the Bretons and Orcs.

  • I have a friend who said it has to be High Rock because of the coast and I reminded him EVERY PROVINCE has some sort of coastline, even a little bit of Cyrodiil map wise...

    My guess would also be High Rock with a slight chance of Hammerfell.

    High Rock does scream the landscape they chose to show, unless that was intentional to be vague. Hammerfell and the Redguard society is and can be very naval based. The idea of more water interaction is very exciting should that be a part of where they are going. I think High Rock can certainly be a great choice. We have seen portions through Daggerfall and Shadowkey but certainly not the entire province at all. 

    Call it extreme speculation but the music felt like a giveaway as well if that is a true representation. It felt very "high fantasy" which speaks knightly orders and castles (which there seems to be one in the preview) which might fit more with a Breton-esque kind of vibe.

  • Of course all of this assumes that the visual they provided has anything to do with the game. It may just be random b-roll footage.

    But if it is a hint—one commenter on Reddit noted the big crater, and tied it to the big crater at Azra’s crossing, that Azra created in shadowkey. So another possible indication about iliac bay.

    in other news wow does my autocorrect not like the word azra.

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