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Mod "Concepts" - The Infinity Stones


Mod Concepts

"The Infinity Stones"


So I saw this one mod on the Nexus that recreates the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet from Marvel. After giving it a look I started getting ideas about how I myself would go about putting such powerful items into Skyrim. Hours later, I've put together a rough concept that I personally think would make a good mod.

Now if only I could mod... <_<

But I figure I oughta post it here on the Forge for fun and theorycrafting purposes. I've renamed a few things to make it at least a little in-universe. So sit down and have a look-see, will ya?






::The Aether Crystals::

The Aether Crystals are a series of six all-powerful gemstones, said to have been created by the god Magnus for use with forging Mundus. Each one represents a certain aspect of existence, and anyone who wields these crystalss will have near infinite access to the ability to manipulate that specific aspect. When Magnus fled to Aetherius with the Magna-Ge following the creation of Mundus, he left behind these powerful artifacts. Their raw, godly power is too great for any mortal being to wield, and any seeking to tap into their pure power will be destroyed.



<> Power <>

"Grants the power to control and manipulate energies."


  + Spell: [Channeled Stream]
Destruction spell
"An explosive bolt of energy that deals 100 damage."

  + Spell: [Volatile Bolt]
Destruction spell
"A supercharged emission of raw power that deals 150 damage per second."

  + Spell: [Force Wave]
Destruction spell
"Release a burst of heavy energy, dealing 60 points of damage and tossing foes."

   + Spell: [Mystic Release]
Destruction spell
"Drains the Magicka of enemies within 50 feet, then deals damage to them equal to the Magicka lost."

  + Spell: [Deconstruction]
Destruction spell
"A shot of unstable energy that destroys magical and raised beings."

  + :Passive:
"Melee attacks are 50% stronger, and all damage is halved. Destruction spells cost no Magicka to cast."




<> Space <>

"Grants the power to teleport themselves and others."


  + Spell: [Teleport]
Alteration spell
"Teleports the caster a distance away."

  + Spell: [Warp Beacon]
Alteration spell
"Marks the current location with a Rune. Up to 5 locations can be marked at a time."

   + Spell: [Spacial Leap]
Alteration spell
"Teleports the caster to any city or capital in Skyrim, or to any placed Warp Beacon."

  + Spell: [Pocket Dimension]
Alteration spell
"Conjures a small portal that serves as infinite storage space."

  + Spell: [Expel from Nirn]
Alteration Spell

"Banish a target creature, person or object to another realm."

  + :Passive:
"Movement speed and weapon attack speed increased by 25%. Alteration spells cost no Magicka to cast."




<> Time <>

"Grants the power to accelerate, reverse or halt the flow of time."


  + Spell: [Temporal Reversal]
Restoration spell
"Reverse the flow of time for a target, restoring 75 Health, Magicka and Stamina per second."

  + Spell: [Temporal Acceleration]
Restoration spell
"Accelerate the flow of time for a target,
 draining 75 Health, Stamina and Magicka per second."

  + Spell: [Reset Time]
Restoration spell
"Reverses the caster's time, completely restoring Health and Stamina and dispelling all effects."

  + Spell: [Restore Time]
Restoration spell
"Revert time for a dead human, creature or automaton, restoring it at full strength."

  + Spell: [Chrono Pause]
Restoration spell
"Halts the flow of time for all except for the caster for 10 seconds."

  + :Passive:
"Health, Stamina and Magicka regenerate 500% faster. Restoration spells cost no Magicka to cast."




<> Mind <>

"Grants the power of psychokinesis and greater mind manipulation."


  + Spell: [Mind Control]
Illusion Spell
"Creatures and people up to level 30 become your ally and will fight for you."

  + Spell: [Mind Wipe]
Illusion spell
"Wipe the minds of all weaker enemies within 50 feet, calming them for 30 seconds.

  + Spell: [Psionic Grip]
Illusion spell
"Can pull and throw an object or creature to you from a distance. Items can be added to your inventory."

  + Spell: [Encumber Thoughts]
Illusion spell
"Dampen the mind of your enemy, draining 50 points of Stamina and Magicka and preventing their regeneration for 30 seconds."

  + Spell: [Third Eye]
Illusion spell
"See others through walls and see items and values from a distance for 30 seconds."

  + :Passive:
"Persuasion and Intimidation attempts almost always succeed. Illusion spells cost no Magicka to cast."




<> Soul <>

"Grants the power to steal, control, manipulate and alter living and dead souls."


  + Spell: [Harvest Soul]
"Slowly ravage the soul of a target, absorbing 30 health per second and trapping their soul."

  + Spell: [Soul Summon]
Conjuration spell
"Summon a soul from the Soulworld to fight for you for 60 seconds."

  + Spell: [Spirit Puppet]
Conjuration spell
"Reanimate a dead body permanently to fight for you."

  + Spell: [Transmute Soul]
Conjuration spell
"Converts all filled soul gems in your inventory into filled Grand Soul Gems."

  + Spell: [Teleport to Soulworld]
Conjuration spell
"Transports the caster to a pocket dimension. Cast again to return."

  + :Passive:
"Can summon up to 5 undead minions, and soul gems recharge twice as much. Conjuration spells cost no Magicka to cast."




<> Reality <>

Grants the power to alter the laws of reality.


  + Spell: [Reflect Damage]
Destruction spell
"Reflect all melee and magic damage done to you for 60 seconds."

  + Spell: [Transmogrify]
Alteration spell
"Transforms enemies into weak creatures and allies into strong ones for 60 seconds."

  + Spell: [Eversion Effect]
Restoration spell
"All enemy attacks heal instead of harm for 10 seconds"

  + Spell: [Alter Sky]
Illusion spell
"Changes the weather to whatever the caster choses."

  + Spell: [Alternate Army]
Conjuration spell
"Conjure a small army onto the battlefield for 60 seconds."

  + :Passive:
"Your weapons and spells ignore armor and resistances."






::The Artifacts::

Despite the dangers of wielding the crystals, certain notable individuals and groups have found ways of safely containing their power within stable vessels. Along with their individual enchantments, these vessels allow the wielder to tap into the full power of any Aether Crystal embedded in it. Without them they are little more than generic equipment, and are often found as such.



<> Meta-Hammer <>

One-Handed - Mace
Base Damage: 14
"Does 25 points of non-elemental damage."

A weapon devised by a master enchanter. As one of the few scholars who learned of the existence of the Aether Crystals, he spent much of the rest of his life forging a vessel capable of safely channelling their energies. He sought council from several highly acclaimed magical experts, including master Altmer sorcerers, mages from within the Psijic Order, and even some long-lived vampires. The end result is a worthy hammer capable of containing vast amounts of magical discharge, keeping the wielder safe from the explosive energies of the Aether Crystals. The enchanter died before he could even test the weapon, and it now exists in circulation as a lost relic.




<> Staff of Omens <>

Staff - Destruction
"A bolt of energy that deals 40 points of non-elemental damage."

Forged by worshippers of Vaermina. Several lives were sacrificed (some of them being priests of Vaermina) to forge it, for the purpose of wielding the Mind Crystal in the name of their goddess of dreams and nightmares. I never found use, however. When the worshippers actually located the crystal, they sent a lone acolyte to retrieve it. Not only did he seemingly fail, but the path was closed off, and any who attempted the path thereafter met only death. The staff now finds itself as little more than a curiosity nowadays. Despite being developed for the Mind Crystal, it is more than capable of holding any of the other crystals.




<> Artemon's Amulet <>

Jewelry - Necklace
"Increases Health, Magicka and Stamina by 50 points."

Crafted by a famous srchmage of the Mages Guild. Artemon was an ex-Psijic who joined the Mages Guild to train future sorcerers. One of his apprentices came into possession of the Time Crystal, and Artemon's group made it their mission to unravel its mysteries. The study lead to the creation of the amulet, which was said to use spacial magic to safely release excess energies emitted by the Aether Crystals. The apprentice stole the amulet, coerced by its power, forcing Artemon to temporarily disable the amulet's enchantment, causing a backlash that launched the apprentice within the flow of time. The crystal was then given to the Psijic Order to safeguard, and the amulet was passed down to several archmages afterwards.




<> The Aether Gauntlet <>Heavy Armor
Armor Rating: 18

"Increases Magic Resistance by 30%. Capable of holding all six Aether Crystals."

The first to find the Aether Crystals was in fact the Dwemer. Having learned their lesson from the Aetherium Wars, however, the project to understand the crystals was carried out by only a small group. They secured the Power Crystal, using it to power an advanced lab even deeper than the Aetherial Forge. From there they conceptualized, designed and forged a mighty gauntlet. Though it may be an imperfect creation, it is still powerful enough to contain the awesome power of the six Aether Crystals in a single vessel. By the time it was finished they had already begun making plans to obtain the Space Crystal, and they might have succeeded if not for the disappearance of the Dwemer. The gauntlet still exists somewhere in the world, and if one were to find it and insert all six Aether Crystals, the wearer would wield cosmic power godly enough to subjugate all of Tamriel...



When all six Aether Crystals are inserted:

  + Spell: [Decimation: Area]
Destruction spell
"Disintegrates all surrounding creatures, instantly killing them. Caster takes 10 damage for each one killed."

  + Spell: [Decimation: Enemy]
Destruction spell
"Disintegrates all surrounding hostiles, instantly killing them. Caster takes 10 damage for each one killed."






<> The Locations <>

When Magnus fled Mundus with the Magna-Ge the Aether Crystals were scattered throughout the realm. While some had found a home on Tamriel itself, others could be found within . Various third parties have come into contact with these crystals, their fates deviating from one another, and some of them have even. 




A Dwarven laboratory hidden deep within Tamriel, even deeper than the Aetherial Forge. A unique key, split into two fragments, is required to open the lift to access the ruins, and both fragments are held by different scholars in Skyrim. The entire dungeon is powered by the Power Crystal: the automatons are overclocked and incredibly powerful, the traps are far more lethal and numerous, and the puzzles are complex. At the end, you will need to destroy the massive automaton prototype that guards the crystal in order to retrieve it, but be warned of the danger of relieving the ruins of their immense power source, as escape will be just as perilous as the journey itself.





One of nirn's moons,. the Dwemer nonetheless were in the process of reaching it to secure the Space Crystal. They were in the process of creating a shuttle, using knowledge gained from the Power Crystal, to enter aetherius and obtain it. This shuttle will need to be finished in order to reach Secunda, which will require both the assistance of a master smith skilled in Dwemer craft, and a sufficient power source. Once you've arrived, a gauntlet of random enemies awaits those who attempt to secure it. This rush is spearheaded by an unusual construct made of moonstone. Take caution against the distortion of space during this battle.




The Isle of Artaeum

Home of the Psijic Order. They came in posession of the Time Crystal after Artemon was forced to kill one of his apprentices. Not only do they guard the crystal securely within their most secure vaults, but the isle itself disappeared over a hundred years ago, so reaching it will be incredibly difficult. Fortunately you are not the only one on the hunt for the crystals, and a wandering Psijic Monk will grant you access to the isles, assuming you can defeat him and make your way to the isles, you will still have to deal with every other Psijic between you and the crystal, including Loremaster Celarus, who currently leads the Council of Arteum. 




The Dreamscape

A dimension created from the Mind Crystal's energies when it was left to its own machinations. To reach the realm will require a concotion very similar to Vaermina's Torpor to access, and the ingredients are quite rare. It must be imbibed while in a certain location at a certain time, and a certain amount of Magicka is required fors stability, otherwise you will not survive the jaunt. The crystal is currently embedded within an unfortunate ex-Vaermina worshipper, who guards the crystal from any who would seek to retrieve it. He wields enhanced psionic powers, and will put them to their full use, using powerful illusions and mental abilities to either convince you to give up on your journey or kill you. 




The Soul Cairn

Found within a secluded location, guarded jealously by the Ideal Masters. To retrieve it will require you to directly engage beings comparable to the Daedric Princes in authority, and in their own realm nonetheless. You will need a means to protect your soul from being rended by their awesome might, which comes in the form of a ring forged through powerful enchantments combined with a concentration of the Soul Husks. The crystal is attached to a powerful golem created by the masters for the purpose of harvesting souls from Tamriel. You will have to destroy this beast to release it, but to actually obtain the crystal it will require an offering.




The Lost Corridors

A pocket realm created from the Reality Stone, with an infinitely branching series of hallways, crossways, doors and rooms that continue endlessly and loop infinitely. Escape is almost impossible, as not even the Space Crystal will work inside the space. The only way to escape or even make progress is to use an object known as the Logic Compass, a tool capable of bringing logic to the illogical warped space of the corridors. The compass is incompatible with the corridors, and hostiles will be sent like antibodies to purge you along with it. To reach the crystal at the center of the realm, you must face the Core of the Corridors, the manifestation of the realm itself, using the compass to survive its assault.






:Misc. Notes:

  • Each Aether Crystal is treated as an "accessory", and can be equipped as is without taking up any slots.

  • If a crystal is equipped without an artifact, you take 100 damage per second while it is equipped.

  • The damage stacks with each crystal. Magic resistance can mitigate the crystal's DoT damage.

  • The Aether Crystals cannot be found until level 30. The Gauntlet cannot be unlocked until level 40.

  • The artifacts can be found at any level, providing you have the strength to reach them.

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  • It never ceases to amaze me the level of thought you put into all of your ideas. I am thoroughly impressed as always. Somebody get this idea to a modder asap.

  • I’m no modder, but in theory it would be a lot easy to a degree to do this. You could perhaps use Diamonds just change the texture to different colors, Spells from Vanilla can be recycled and redo, and the Gauntlet just needs maybe 6 or so indents and different textures.

    For example: Take Phase Out, you could in theory the script of Dragonhide (?(Breton Greater Power)) and Dragonskin (Master Alteration Spell), and them into one script and change the magnitude.

    This is all in theory and I have absolutely no idea about modding although I am interested just no idea where to start (amongst other things).

  • I've updated some of the Gems.

    Now each one has two spells.

    • Nother update. Now they're Jewels instead of Gems. Cuz Jewels sounds cooler.

  • Am I the only one who just imaged a team comprised no of Skyrim build characters assembling to stop Thanos...er, I mean Blackblood?

  • Made a few major changes.

    The Gauntlet is now the main method of wielding the powers of the Aether Crystals. (Btw, they're called the Aether Crystals now) The amulet is now a base artifact like the sword and staff.

    I've also made the powers a bit more "lore-friendly" [Read: OP]

  • Made even more major changes!

    effects are now tied to the Aether Crystals. You can use them without putting them in an artifact, but you'll take tons of damage per second if you try.

    Speaking of artifacts, they've been redone. They now have a base enchantment that's not all that special, but you can use them to hold an Aether Crystal and gain all of its effects without any of the DoT.

    I've also completed the Reality Crystal's effects finally. -_-

    • Nother update!

      I've added ideas for locations of each of the crystals.

  • Please tell me this is a mod you’re working on !

This reply was deleted.