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Out Here Grinding

Everybody has seen it. People showing off their daedric swords that do triple digit damage, and the people who don't know what the armor cap is. Theyre a joke to just about every Skyrim community. But we've all been there, first playing the game searching for the greatest gear and weapons. So here's my question, have you been guilty of grinding, if not what's the most intresting experience you've had with a grinder? I personally grew bored of one shotting every enemy who crosses me.

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  • Way back when I first played Skyrim I was under the assumption that everyone balanced their builds for legendary difficulty. So I would craft grind weapons to 200+ attack damage, and even went as high as 400+ attack damage one time. 

    • My mistake was very similar. I believed that the difficulty was there for when you acquire better gear, so I created insane weapons to move up the totem pole per say. Little did I know even expert was a piece of cake even for beginners. Master was pretty bearable, and one shotting everything on the highest difficulty turned out to be a problem
  • I myself delved into powergaming twice. First time, it was to try out free spellcasting, but I grew bored of it pretty quickly.
    The second time, inspired by one of DMC's difficulty settings I crafted a weapon with three digits worth of damage stat, and my goal was "I die in one hit and so do the enemies" kind of thing.

    Skyrim is just too easy. I destroy everything in my path with ease. Oblivion, however, I play below half the difficulty slider. Didn't I deviate off the topic too much?

    BTW, I love the tags.
    • Thank you. And no it wasnt that off topic. Any sign that anyone actually saw this post helps alot. Also that idea sounds really interesting. So did you put nothing into health and no armor?
      • Aye, 0 AR. And all points put into stamina, to avoid mage-cowardice.
    • That sounds like a really interesting way to play.
  • I used the Oghma Infinium Glitch.

    ...that's about it. I don't think that counts.

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      • Yeah that glitch is a bit over the top. So yeah i would say that counts. Especially when you gain 20 levels in no time.
        • 20 huh? Why not 80?
          • If your doing 80 you might as well do 100
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