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Poll: Bloodlines Build Contest

The contest is now over and judging has now begun. It'll be a week before we know who won this build contest, but in the mean time lets hear your opinions! What was your favorite build and why? What stood out to you? What do you think would make for a good event theme next time around? Discuss below!

For your convenience here's a link to all 12 builds submitted:


Judgement shall be passed on your bloodlines. But for now let us vote. 

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  • Call me biased but the Unleashed is my favorite :)

  • Erinoth's Chimera really stood out to me. I had no idea that Beast Form could be enhanced like that.

  • For this contest, the Chimera is the one for me. This build was simply a masterpiece from roleplay to gameplay!

  • The Sanguine Protector stood out to me. I quite like its unique take not only on Vampire roleplay, but gameplay as well.


    Since this contest focused on those favored by two particular Daedra - Molag Bal's vampires and Hircine's Lycanthropes - perhaps focusing on a group of Aedra could make for an interesting theme. Additionally, builds focused on the standing stones may be another noteworthy idea.

    • Agreed maybe make builds focused on embodying X or Y sphere of an Aedra

  • My vote goes to Blood and Moonlight. A vampire and werewolf duo is something no other build has tried to do before. 

  • The Sanguine Protector really stood out for its roleplay and its unique take to combat

  • I enjoyed reading through all of the builds but The Sanguine Protector takes the cake imo. Fantastic roleplay and gameplay experience.
    I also really really like Chaceito The Cursebearer, for obvious reasons. :)

  • I'm torn between the Chimera and Blood & Moonlight

    I'm still having a hard time believing The Chimera is Erinoths first build. Everything about it from the lore, roleplay, gameplay, and presentation has been executed brilliantly. 

    Kendrix brings so much flair and personality to her characters and the otherworldly duo blood and moonlight are no exception. 

  • Sanguine Protector gets my vote. Best use of Sacrosact perks I’ve ever seen in a build. 

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