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Poll: Fallout character building event

Hi all.

This weeks poll is to gauge interest in a character building event for the fallout games. While there have been many successful events for Skyrim builds, we'd like to see if there is any interest in something similar for Fallout. 

Let us know in the comments, whether or not you would participate in one of these events, and maybe even share some ideas and suggestions for event themes, rules or other ideas for Fallout related events and content!

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  • I would love that. Sadly I bought the complete edition of Fallout 4 but never played it that much. This can be a good incentive to go back to the game

  • Id be down for that. Help boost the Fallout fans in the site

  • Personally I'd love to take part. I've never made a fallout build before so this is exciting. 

  • I've dabbled with the idea of FO4 build. Even went as far as partially outlining one. Though it's been stalled for over a year now. Premise was a bounty hunter with a big ass revolver and a double barrel shotgun. Kicking ass taking names and making a ton of money.

     Ideas a good one, and might give me the push I need to get that character done one day.

  • Anyone care to pitch ideas for event themes?

    • Aside from Crossworlds, lemme see.

      -Builds based off songs

      -1 weapon only builds

      -Faction based

      -Another spoopy event

  • Not so much a character build event idea but what about a settlement building competition? We could have a modded and unmoded division so vanilla players aren’t put at a disadvantage. We can have best of categories like most defensible, best quality of life, most creative etc etc, 

  • I would love that specially with fallout 3 or new vegas build . As theme why not around an unique item.

  • According to the polls it looks like there’s a fair amount of interest in Fallout build events. This is encouraging. 

  • What about an event based on radio songs from the games 

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