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Poll: Have you tried everything in Skyrim?

This will be the first in a series of discussions accompanying the weekly poll, allowing members to share their thoughts and discuss the answers they gave and why. 

This week's poll question is 'Have you tried everything in Skyrim?' It is a huge game after all, but it has been out for close to 8 years now? Could someone have tried everything there is to try in the game? Or are you someone who is content just focusing on the things you love most about the game? Please share your experiences!

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  • I personally don't think I have, for instance, there are certain character types, mostly combat lite, but also a number of weapons, armors, etc that I rarely, if ever, use

  • I’ve been playing Skyrim since 2013 and despite that you’d be surprised how much of the game I have yet to try. Out of the total of all skills, spells, perks, weapons, armor, powers etc available in game I’ve probably tried less than half of it. 

  • Definitely not. But I would say I've tried pretty much everything that overtly interested me. For example, I'm not big on pacifist playthroughs or on playing a support role to followers who do most of the work. I haven't experimented very much with characters like that. I've never taken a character to level 81+. I'm pretty sure there are at least a few side quests I've never played, a few artifacts I never equipped or employed, etc. I don't think I ever collected all the paragons in the Forgotten Vale. I'm sure there's a lot more I've never done.

  • Nowhere close to everything 

  • Hmmmm, not even close. Some of the major things I haven't tried/done are:
    -Perking Lockpicking (till recently, yet I've used it hundreds of times)
    -Focusing on Archery (the one skill that I can't really get myself into)
    -Unarmed Combat
    -Pure/Main focus on Shouts

    • Lock picking I’m not surprised by at all. It’s such a hard skill to justify in the vanilla game.

  • I totally have not done everything.

    1.  I have never completed Dawndguard.  I get a few quests in and quit.

    2.  Never played a pure mage.  Tried to but I am no good.

    3.  Never really played a race besides Breton or Nord.

    I'm sure there's a ton more but that's off the top of my head.

    • Try one of the pure mage builds around the forge one day. They’re likely the most effective builds of their type around. 

    • Don’t feel bad dude, I never got far with pure mages either.

  • I’ve never completed the main quest. Is that bad?

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