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Poll - How much have you played Skyrim?

Well, what vote did you cast?

My vote was the final option. I have put more than 2000 hours into Skyrim, so many that I lost track of it all. That does not include the time I spent discussing builds, critiquing builds, planning and considering what to do with my builds and more.

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  • I've logged 1300 hours on pc and well over twice that on console.
  • I have 517 hours on my pc, but before I got Skyrim on my computer, I played a lot on my ps3. I probably have around 1,000 or so hours, maybe a little more.

  • I actually don't know exactly how much I've played Skyrim because I play on console, but I estimate it's about 100 hours.

    May be more, may be less, idk.

    • I played on Xbox and never deleted a character. One day I sat down and added up all of the character play times I had.

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        • Same here
        • I had a large HDD and only played Skyrim at the time. I had several Xbox's commit suicide because they could not tolerate being only a Skyrim player.

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            • Its the storage units for the 360.


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                • After losing 2 of them to the red ring of death (which was too common back then) I switched to PS3 and killed one of them too. Then I went back and killed another 360 before getting one that could handle the Thuum.

                  • Man, you must be rich, buying consoles like crazy!
                  • On the flip side, up until late 2013 the PS3 could barely run skyrim without the game crashing within an hour of playing for some. And Bethesda waited til mid 2013 to finally release the DLC for the PS3 version.
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