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Poll: What is your favorite playstyle?

Many of us have been playing this game since, launch, likely rolling character after character to keep our enjoyment going. This week, I'm asking if you have a favorite playstyle, or at least, one you find yourself gravitating towards more often than the others?

Do you play lots of mages perhaps? What ways have you found to keep your witches and wizards just as magical as the first time? Or perhaps rogues are more your style? Not bored of sneak archering everything to death yet? why? Maybe you like playing as a powerful warrior? Thinking is overrated anyway. It's a video game; just kick back and hit the bad guy until they fall over. 

Let me know what appeals to you most and why!

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  • One handed weapon and no shield. Especially with light armour and/or Alteration. You actually have to like, have good spacing and put effort into your fights. It's honestly really fun. I've done other variants that use shields too but keep weak armour. It means that, practically, if you drop your shield or give your opponent a moment to breathe you're likely to get kill-cam'd by bosses so it puts you in a position of actual threat. Quick Reflexes is an absolute must, but it's a really fun perk. My favourite in the whole game, easily, because it's one of the only perks in the game that actually has a direct impact on how you play rather than just more damage or something. It's part of why I like the Block tree so much. It has so many perks that give you new animations and affect how you actually approach fights. 

    Stealth gets kind of boring after a while because you really fall off against bosses that can't be killed through sneak attack multipliers, and magic, while being fun in its own way, I don't think it's done well enough in TESV to have the same gripping effect that melee does. 

  • I tend to go for a stealth mage %80 percent of the time. The illusion school is one of my favorites, second to restoration. The other %20 is just a jack of a trades.

  • Melee or non-stealth archery with support magic. So not much focus on magic that damages enemies, but stuff like mage armor, cloak spells, healing, etc. Two-hander light armor is my favorite melee setup, with One-hander shield heavy armor close behind it, and archer light armor after those two.

    Though I don't know where people get the idea that melee is the simplest playstyle, it usually requires the most careful positioning and tactics for me while running Requiem. I'll get detonated by mages, pincushioned by archers, or chopped up by groups of melee enemies if I don't plan ahead of time, and put some thought into every block, dodge, and strike I make.

  • Definetly a kinda jack of all trades, since I love bards a lot

  • My favourite playstyle would have to be a summoner/necromancer that applies stacking debuffs to enemies, all while hiding behind minions.

  • I forgot to mention how much I enjoy combat archery. Nothing is quite as thrilling as a long fire fight against dozens of ranged enemies. 

  • I usually like playing a fast pace style. More like a combat archer or a spellsword that rely on their speed to take out enemies. Or even an aggresive assassin/nighblade type.

  • My very first character was a sneak archer, and all my subsequent characters have been combat archers. I have yet to play a melee character in this game, which is a bit odd now that I think about it because there are so many melee builds others have made that are really appealing to me.

  • I think my favourite has to be combat archery. Nothing is more satisfying than watching that bandit who tried to rob you become a pincushion of poisoned arrows.

  • In most games I tend to play stealth characters, as it has to be my favourite in the triad formed by Warrior Mage and Rogue for class archetypes : my main toon in WoW is a rogue, my character in Mass Effect was an infiltrator, my favourite Hearthstone class is rogue, you get the idea.

    As for Skyrim my favourite playstyle has to be what I call Mystic Thief, a build I might release someday, that pairs stealth with Illuion and Alteration magic and exclusively uses Bound Weapons. Essentially a Nightingale, with Destruction switched for Conjuration.

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