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Skyrim Together: Thoughts?

Hey guys, recently I heard about Skyrim Together. A massive mod that (once released), will enable players to play together (in groups of 2-8). What's your thoughts?

For those (such as myself), who don't know too much about Skyrim Together, you can check out the Official F.A.Q 2.0 on Reddit (which has links to it's Discord Server, Reddit, Patreon, and Youtube)

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  • Personally, I'm, excited for it. I mean, there's already a fairly good multiplayer mod for New Vegas, and from what I've seen, ST looks pretty dope

  • I must be livin under a rock cuz thisthe first time I’m hearing about Skyrim together. You got links to all this?

  • Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this project has had all kinds of ethical issues (I'll just say alleged issues because I only have information as reported in the news and on modding subreddits). They've been collecting a crazy amount of money of Patreon ($25K per month) to build this, and since Bethesda doesn't allow people to make money from modding their games, I am really surprised they have let this go on for so long. Plus, there are big allegations that the Patreon money was used for all kinds of stuff besides working on the project.

    Additionally, there is highly credible evidence that the developers were using a ton of SKSE code without permission from the SKSE team (and in blatant violation of a specific demand by SKSE team that the Skyrim Together developers NEVER use their code because of past issues with the team lead).

    Like I said, this is just information from the press (https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-05-skyrim-together-code-...), (https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/28/skyrim-mod-drama-gets-ugly-with-a...). I have personally seen enough to know that I won't use the product (and damn man, if you want multiplayer Skyrim, just come play ESO), but everyone can make up their own mind. Just wanted to provide the background info.

    Skyrim Together code-stealing controversy sends shockwaves around the modding community
    The Skyrim Together mod is currently embroiled in a controversy that has seen its developers accused of stealing code. Meanwhile, there's increased s…
    • Sorry for the late reply. That's the one. I have heard about it awhile ago. In truth I forgot about it as I wasn't exactly following it, but you raise several good points. In truth, I'm suprised that Bethesda (to my knowledge), hasn't exactly jumped onto it at all, yet Microsoft slammed/shut down Halo Online the moment it really started picking up steam. Who know,s it might happen again, but Bethesda and SkyTog.

      • There's also that new controversy over the devs saying they don't owe people anything after some Patreons demanded they release it

  • The mod has the potential to open up many new dimensions in Skyrim character building. Imagine co-op builds with interdependent skills and abilities. Imagine your favorite character builds fighting head to head of working together. 

    Still given the controversy surrounding the mod’s development I am trying not to get my hopes up too much.

    • Talk about an interesting way of holding Contests or better yet the old Deathmatches (don't worry guys, the Deathmatches aren't coming back). I'ts going to be interesting especially with the controversy around it. If they can amend their mistakes and try to 'repair' what they've done, they may have a chance. Bit iffy on it bug wise as well, for me anything Bethseda wise has been buggy as all heck (as we all know ourselves).

  • I’ve heard as much as 25% of all the coding within the project relied on code taken from SKSE. If they’re having to step back and create their own code it will certainly delay the project a great deal. 

    • It's a double sided blade. Remaking the code will take time, but I think most would prefer the team to make their own code rather then code taken from SKSE, that and many other reasons behind it - unless they resolve the issue/conflict in regards to SKSE.

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