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So, what are you working on?

We’re all excited to chat about our next big creative project whether it be a new build, a new story, or anything. So, here’s a chance to brag about your next big project. 

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  • Working on a new archer build, equipment and backstory are quite a challenge, at least for me.

    • We’re  there if you need help. 

      • I will definitely stop by the discord

  • Been a while, but re-vamping my Warlock - Dark Summoner Build.
    Don't want to give too much away, but re-vamp includes the following features:

    New Spell Mechanic - Elemental Entropy
    New Skill Tree Inclusion - Illusion
    New Playstyle Mechanic - Soul Shard Dependency
    New Defence Mechanic - Light Armor Adoption
    New Playstyle Mechanic - Pact Modifications
    New Playstyle Mechanic - Daedric Synergy

    Still keeping my spells old school, with no mods affecting vanilla spells, save for USLEEP, which fixes some bugs.
    Will keep you guys posted on the outcome and perhaps even a video.

    • Looking forward to it dude. Especially excited to see how you implement Entropy. Was always on of my favorite spell schools in the DA games.

  • I've just finshed the playtest of my Sunder Mage, and am very excited to be begining the write up on the build. (Ordinator)

    The main theme of the build revolves around Blood and Force Magic, with a hefty bit of Illusion thrown in and a tiny bit of frost magic.

    I've discovered several very interesting interactions between spells and perks one of which has allowed me to use Equilibrium to harm enemies.

    WIP Build: The Sunder Mage (Ordinator)
    Foreword:  Continuing on with my theme of Dragon Age Builds, I have decided to explore the classes of the Blood Mage and Force Mage as seen in Dragon…
  • Couple of builds, a Drug Lord,  a Pacifist (not a total pacifist because some deaths are scripted, e.g Alduin, Miraak, and Harkon), and an Assassin using the Andromeda Shadow Stone to dart around the battlefield in seconds.

  • I got a collab with Toryn Cross and that Aundae build I mentioned. During that time I’ll be working on updating all my builds presentations. Meaning better artwork etc  

    • ...collar?

      • meant to spell out collab

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