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So what's the deal about dem names?

Through this discussion I wanna ask you two questions:1. Why the name? What's the story or reason behind your username?2. Some people here (myself included) are 'name-sensitive'. For example, I don't like to be called Tesla (Tesla Cannon or just Cannon are highly preferable). Are you name-sensitive? How do you not like to be called? Why?(looking at you Curse and Lukenfish)

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  • Again, spacing destroyed. It's a pain to post on phone.
  • I think a while back somebody posted something similar to this about gamer tags lol,

    1) my name is Aysleph, but I used to use more embarrassing ones when I was younger. I've had named like flaresonic101, skylous888, etc... just really bad ones. For my social media and more private accounts, my username is just my real name backwards, but for games and such, it has been Aysleph for about 2 years. Aysleph is just a scramble of somebody's first name and the first letter of their last name. It's pretty easy to figure out what that name is, so I'll let you unscramble it if you're curious about it.

    2) I'm not really name-sensitive. You can call me anything you want; Aysleph, Ays, Sleph, Aysl, whatever you can come up with.

    So what's the story for your name?
  • Hm, wasn't there a thread like this on Nuka-Scrolls...
    • There was, but w/o the second part.
      I'm waiting for your answer.
      • You first.
        • Now it's your turn.
  • 1. Its my name. 2. Every time I read the word "sensitive" I get murderous urges.

    • Murderous urges? Why?
      • Oh boy, dont get him started.

        • Now I'm genuinely frightened. And unhealthily intrigued.
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