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Underplayed Races of Skyrim

 Skyrim offers a variety of choices for players to choose in all aspects of the game. One of these aspects is race. My question is: what races do you feel are underplayed or underrepresented (particularly in character builds) and why do you think they're so underrepresented? What changes could be made to "balance" the benefits of each race?

ex.) I feel Khajiit are quite useless in Skyrim. Their only benefits are boosted unarmed damage and night eye. I think that Skyrim SE has made them BETTER because they removed the ability to adjust brightness. This makes their night eye ability much more useful. 

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  • I've played every race minus the orcs. I've just never come up with a build concept that requires me to play one. 

    • I find this one interesting. Orcs have arguably the best/most unique racial in the game. 

      • Yes but I try to take my build somewhat off the typical beaten path. Just haven't found anything unique or interesting for an orc to do yet.

      • I find the the Argonians probably have some of the most useful passive abilities.

        • Indeed. I've made 3 different argonian builds. 

          • 2/4 of my builds are argonians. I don't even really like them. 

            The other 2 are altmer which I also don't really like. Go figure. 

  • I figure khajiit are he least played. Great starting skill bonuses but useless racial powers.

    • How could they be made less useless? Any racial power ideas? 

      • They could have done something similar to be imperious races mod. In that mod the creators put special emphasis on the khajiits' natural agility. They have a unique ability to power leap while in stealth and they run much faster than other races. 

        • Makes me wish I had mods to try all these cool things you PC guys have 

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