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Vampire vs Werewolf? Which Creature of the Night is Superior?

....And why?

Its time to choose which of the two you think is superior and why. Cite lore, gameplay, personal experience, whatever you want. Which will you choose? The apex of the food chain, or those twelve foot tall walking flea bags? 

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  • You know my answer Curse, the right one: Werewolf. Unlike you, who enjoys long walks at night in a pine tree forest, I like being in the sun. I may not be immortal but who the fuck would want that? Healing factors of weres and vampires are basically the same so that point it moot, as well as their immunities to diseases. A vampires immunity to poison is beneficial but not one worth having in my eyes. 

    In lore, TES and non-TES, werewolves are known for their sharp as nail claws and dagger-like teeth capable of ripping and tearing many things, from the soft meat of prey to the hardest metal and stone, with ease. If you don't believe me, a passage from the Wereworld series of books that is heavy with therian lore: Book 6, War of the Werelords- pg. 256, paragraph 3: Drew saw her claws leave furrows in the stone balcony as orange hair bristled over her hands.

    A werewolf's healing factor is extensive, being able to knit their bodies back together from cuts, slashes and other fun bloody shit with ease, as long as it wasn't silver or claws and teeth of a fellow wolf or vampire. 


  • Werewolf. As Daft Punk would put it: 'harder, better, faster, stronger'. Unmatched Strength and speed. Sharp claws and teeth. A true predator.

    As a vampire, however, I feel like a feeble old man. Constantly endangered and constantly in hiding. Prey.

    As Tysoyaha has truthfully said, there are many fascinating vampire clans. But the spectrum of lycanthropes is equally variegated. From a lore standpoint.

    Advantages to vampirism are many, to be sure. Boosts to illusion, sneak, and remarkable necromantic potential.
    Bonus to sneak can easily be obtained by other means, or rendered obsolete when you get Shadow Warrior perk; there's no point to vampire's invisibility if you use illusion anyway. The point is that vampiric advantages can be relatively easily gained by non-vampires, without crippling weaknesses.
    And sun damage is the most annoying game mechanic ever. Feeding being the second most annoying.

    In contrast, there are no real disadvantages to lycanthropy. As far as advantages go, additionally to the aforementioned, it's useful to all possible playstyle. At worst, you get disease immunity. At best, it can extend warrior's abilities, be fortified by mage's magic, and turn the tides of a battle thought to be lost to a thief.
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      • Yyep, I never tried Dawnguard so I can't say much 'bout that.<br/>
        The point is, vampiric advantages are geared toward a certain type of gameplay. Namely, sneaky ilussionist.<br/>
        Werewolf form can be matched by a high level warrior in some ways, but it's still a good option from low to mid levels. And even at level cap it's a fast way to move around, if nothing else.<br/>
        To add to your point about mages being fragile, Beast Form fortifies health by 200, IIRC. And don't forget that flesh spells, cloaks and summons carry over.<br/>
        Looking at it from a different perspective however, one could argue that Beth overhauled vampirism and added Vampire Lord form cuz vampirism wasn't worth it from the get go.
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          • I find poison resistance (or in this case, immunity!) to poison quite handy, on legendary difficulty. Especially in Falmer-infested dungeons. Moreover, they tend to contain spiders and chaurus in addition to Snow Elves.
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              • Spiders and chaurus maybe, but certainly not Falmer. At least not for me.
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                  • Ha!
  • Why not both?


    • Because bugs.

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      • I heard it's buggy. People say that vampiric weaknesses stay intact while strengths are taken away.
      • It's more trouble than it's worth and a pain in the ass to get going to begin with.
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