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I deliberately left RPG out of the title since my favourite at the moment is Middle Earth: Shadow of War. I am expecting a lot of dragon age and elder scrolls but I hope to see some that are a tad less touched upon. Also I know it's already in the rules, but reminder not to be a jerk about other peoples opinions. To each their own, yeah?

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  • My all-time favorite has to be Dragon's Dogma. It was my first RPG and as such has a special place in my heart. Although there's not much role-playing to be done there, the character progression and especially combat is where it shines the brightest. Though that is no wonder, as it rose on the shoulders of giants like Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry.

    I feel like Devil May Cry itself needs to be mentioned here too. The ones I've completed from start to finish were DMC Devil May Cry, DMC 1 and DMC 4, all of them were a lot of fun throughout.

    As for the game I have played most recently, that'd be Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines. Action-RPG heavily leaning on the RPG side of things at its core. Whilst it's setting is a bit unorthodox as it's set in modern LA, the world it throws at you is packed with vampires, ghosts, zombies, ghouls, werewolves and other halloweenie festivities.

    • Almost forgot about the Pokemon series. For several years now, I have been revisiting gen 1 and 2 games picking them up for a playthrough pretty much every summer for several years now. Just started another one two days ago. There might not be much role-playing or action to them, but it sure feels like an adventure every single time. While I mostly gave away/sold/lost my Game Boy Color collection of games, I sure as heck am holding onto those.

      • for sure the best way to play gen 2 is pokemon crystal clear. I haven't gotten to playing Dragon's Dogma though cause I'm not sure if I can afford to buy a new game.

  • Being an "old fart" my choices go back to the steam age, Baldurs Gate I &II  and the one that blew me away Planescape-Torment :)

    • Haven't played Baldurs Gate, but the way it looks reminds me of the first two fallout games and those are some of my favourites. Even though they're kinda shitty by todays standards. 

  • I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, I think I've played them all so far. I also LOVE the disgaea series with my favorite characters being Salvatore and Valvatorez.

    • I've always preffered western rpg stuff but I do really like Final Fantasy. I think the combat system is kind of a pain at times though, especially when you go to replay FFIV. It was definitely an improvement to the Famicom stage though. 

    • Mirrors Edge is underrated

  • My favorite adventure game is uncharted

  • One of my favorite series by far was the Mass Effect series. 3 is all right I suppose, but the best thing about it by far was the Citadel DLC. 1 & 2 I will still go back and play consistently though. Also, is it just me, or has the amount of random bots on here just drastically increased?

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