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  • I think they should leave the Last Dragonborn ambigious¬†

  • Bethesda actually put out a FINISHED game, and ditch "Creations" since they're just garbage mods for way too much fucking $.¬†

    But we know they won't do any of that....

    • Ive actually met a few people who like Creations a bit more as to them, they integrate more seamlessly into the world

  • I'm with Magus mostly. I'm not touching it until I see reviewers I trust confirm that Bethesda actually cleared the lowest bar, and made a complete game. Paid mods are a non-starter, since I agree that Skyrim's Creations that I've encountered (so basically just the free ones for SE) have usually been quite bad.

    But if they ever do get their act together, I'd love to see the resolution to the Great War like they've apparently promised as a major plot point. Having Skyrim give no end to the underlying conflict, and leaving an enemy faction as awful as the Thalmor still mostly intact, just begs for that story to be addressed.

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