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  • My favorite is Dunmer, after that, it is a tie between Khajiit, Bosmer, Redguard, and Orismer. After that, Imperials, then Nords, Then Argonians, the Altemer in last. This is mostly by how different and exotic they are. Imperials and Nords I only like because of Atmora and Pelinal (he who was angry because elves). Argonians are really cool, but they just don't interest me as much. The Altmer are just snobby assholes. As in the kind of N'wahs that would ride in a Rolls Royce, being chauffeured everywhere. I don't mean celebrities driving Ferraris and Lambos. Those are cars that regular enthusiasts with really good jobs or who save up their whole lives can eventually afford. As in Flawless Diamond embedded, fully optioned Rolls Royce Phantom owners who bought the damn thing outright. A bit of a long analogy, and an irrelevant tangent, but that is how I think of High Elves. Plus, their racism is the least justifiable. At least the Dunmer and Nords hate each other because of a long, complicated history. Doesn't make it right in their case, but at least they have a real reason.

  • Breton and nords because well lore

  • I honestly never played a khajiit once, never appealed to me. However i absolutely love nords, redguards and in a more lore-matter, dunmers(chimers) and falmers(the real snow elves) stand on top.

    Also, liking nords does not alter my love for the empire.

  • Mine is Argonians, look badass and have interesting lore. Close second is Dunmer and third is Khajiit.

  • Red guards and Orcs for me.

  • I've been reconsidering this lately and I feel like I really don't have one...I kind of wish I did because my indecision on a race keeps me from actually starting and playing any of the builds/ideas that I'm interested in.

    I feel like each race has interesting lore and looks that draw me in for various things. 

  • My favourite's gotta be Imperial. They are kind of a jack-of-all-trades character gameplay wise and I can generally work out a pretty good backstory and gameplay mechanics for them. Lore-wise still Imperials because I like the concept that they are humans like me and lifted themselves out of slavery. Also, in my opinion, they are the strongest race there ever were because of their unity. Second position's gotta go to the bosmers because I was interested in their lore as well. Third's dunmer with same reason as bosmers.

  • Colovians, but I don't overtly lean any which way, I like em all

  • My favourite race has to be Breton. I grew up loving Knights and Medival culture, so they always make me think of King Arthur and his Knights. From purely a gameplay section, if you don't use 'glitches' like the 100% absorption, they are undeniably the best race. I also tend to use conjuration a lot so that boost is quite nice, especially when I just use the bound bow, so I don't actually have to level up conjuration to get the 'Mystic Binding' perk.

  • Nord. As someone with Norwegian ancestry, the Viking-esque aspect appeals to me personally from a cultural heritage standpoint. I’ve played the same race since ES3 Morrowind.

    Lorewise, i enjoy the idea of the divine Talos, and the ancient Atmorans. 

    Gameplaywise, they’ve always fit my Melee smash mouth playstyle. Only thing they’ve lacked in my eyes was the Berserker Rage ability of the Orcs..

    Hail the true Sons and Daughters of Skyrim (:


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