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What is your favorite trick/glitch/exploit?

Extended Slow Time, 100%Magicka absorption, infinite stamina, the list goes on. Thanks to Bethesda’s less than stellar programming skills we are left with a plethora of nifty glitches that lead to some wildly creative play styles. So what are some of your favorites? Which ones do you consider too overpowered and therefor off limits in your play throughs?

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  • I don’t really like glitches cuz they feel almost like cheating.

    • Well that’s no fun. 

    • Wasn’t expecting a debate on the ethics of glitch use but I’m down. 

  • My favorite glitch may not even really qualify as a glitch. One thing I love doing is exploiting how the enemy agro works in skyrim. As some know once an enemy lays eyes on a target they’re not going to relent unless their target dies or something else stays in their line of sight for too long. I’ve crafted a number of builds that exploit this flaw in the AI. 

  • I'm all for glitches. They let us console players have some freedom and do things that would otherwise be impossible without mods. One of the coolest in my opinion is the exploitation of standing stones. The basis for many a build. 

    • To be fair, even with no custom assets/scripts thing for PS4, there are quite a few good mods

      • I'd love to see some examples Chris. I know folks with PS4s who are reluctant to try out Skyrim because of Sony's stance on mods. 

        • There is a multiplatform overhaul mod, I think it's an immersive one. There's also stuff like Phendrix's spell mods, though those are also multiplatform. There is a mod that adds Spears I did little review of a while back

  • I think kaiser summed up my opinion on glitches well, but I will add this:

    Glitches require an advanced understanding of the game’s mechanics and have led to some of the greatest, most creative builds ever made. They’re a short cut around many of the long and tedious things one typically has to do to create  even a modestly effective build. 

    And in the end let’s face it, vanilla perks are pretty dull on their own. But maybe this is just my 5 years of experience with the game talking. Without all these fortunate errors left behind by Bethesda this game’s replayability  would have run its course years ago. 


  • Infinite ritual stone is pretty legit. 

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