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What is your story writing process?

I just wanted to know how you write your stories. Do you plan out the character first? Do you let it flow as your write? Do you write all characters before starting the story? How do you plan your character? Do you make outlines first or go full in guns blazing? I want to know the process. If step-by-step is a little bit too much then perhaps a brief point summary of how you write may work just as good.

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  • A bit of both. I plan out the characters, and a fair bit of the plot, then let it flow when ideas come to me. I think of why they do X, basic personality, maybe try and find an image that is like "that's how they'd look like" then I go in writing, checking it over before i post

  • To be honest, what you describe is basically the sliding scale between "planning writers" and "discovery writers". At one extreme, everything is outlined and planned out from the start, and at the other extreme, they literally just start writing and see where the plot and characters take them naturally. Most writers fall somewhere between either extreme.

    Personally, I definitely lean more towards the planning side, since I like to know where characters and plots are going, and keep my stories from getting unfocused or full of plot holes. But the downside of planning like this is that it can make the characters seem weaker or give them less agency, since it may seem like the plot is dragging them along with no motives of their own if you're not careful.

    Unfortunately, there's not a particularly good way to know where you fall on this sliding scale without just sitting down and writing. If you try outlining everything but lose interest before you can even start, maybe just try some spontaneous writing and see where the characters take you. If you realize that your plot is a mess and your characters are messing things up compared to the story you actually wanted to tell, try some outlining.

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