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What names have you given your enchanted gear?

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Arguably among the most enjoyable part of crafting in Skyrim is getting to slap a custom name on your enchanted gear. So, I'm curious to know what kind of cool, interesting, or absurd names you've come up with. 

 I'll be back in a bit to share some of mine. 

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  • Hmm, tricky one Curserino, depends on the character. I do recall once giving a werewolf character I made an axe named Lycaon's Howl, after the ancient Greecian king made into a werewolf

  • One I made recently waa a Silver Sword called "Death Purge" Enchanted with Fiery Soul Teap and Sun Damage (Summermyst). I have a slew of others that I've made over the years that I'll get around sharing too.

    • For one of my latest charcters (The Infernal Huntress), I got two Crossbows and a Nice Hood.

      • Demon's Breath (Imperial Steel Crossbow) - Enchanted with Fire damage and Halt Reneration (Summermyst).
      • Desecrated Light (Silver Crossbow) - Enchanted with Turn Undead and Firey Soul Trap
      • Shroud of the Infernal (Modded Dawngaurd Hood) - Fortify Magicka and Resist Magic
  • Current character has four distinct weapons...

    Ghost-King's Vengeance

    Hexhunter's Shockblade

    Shadow Legionnaire's Shortsword

    Necroslayer's Boarding Axe

    And some trinkets..

    Ring of Starfall Bay

    East Empire Privateer's Locket

    And armor.

    Witchborn Garb

    Hexhunter's Gaunlets

    Hexhunter's Boots

    Enchanting has been a heavy part of the playthrough

  • I gave the name Ignium and Scintillam to 2 elven daggers. It means Ignite and Spark in Latin.

  • oh I've had many, and may drop in and out to update this post but the one that sticks out to me was an enchanted dagger named Morag's Tongue.

  • I've currently got a bow with a frost enchantment called Frostspike.

  • Here’s a few of mine I can remember off the top of my head. 

    Widow’s Bite - 1 Second Paralysis enchantment. A Chitin Recurve Bow from Kthonia’s Unique Dragonbonrn DLC weapons pack enchanted w/ 1 sec paralysis. This effect is meant to stack with the Bullseye perk.

    Ravager - Khajiit Hunting Dagger w/ 1 point stamina drain. A lightweight dagger for rapid endless power attacks. 

    Tranquility- Silver sword w/ Absorb Magicka & Damage Magicka. Named after a ritual from Dragon Age which a allowed Templars to permanently snuff out a mage’s ability to cast magic. This weapon rapidly extinguished any mage’s supply of magicka. 



  • I'm really bad at naming my creations :(

    The last one I remember was a sword with Absorb Magicka & Soul Trap which I named Soulripper.

  • Here are two of my best creations 

    The Last Laugh - DAedric dagger w/ kill streak enchantment (summermyst). Last hit kills with the dagger cause the next attack to deal extra magic damage.

    Damnation - Dragonbone Sword w/ Fiery Soul Trap and Fire damage. 


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