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what's your hobbies?

It is quite obvious that everyone on the Forge has an interest in Elder Scrolls games, but I'm sure yall have other stuff you like to do. If anybody would like to share his/her that would be cool.

I am a huge fan of martial arts, I have practiced Judo for two years and I am now doing some Jui Jitsu since last year. Also, I am planning to attend a Muay Thai camp in Thailand at the end of this year.

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  • I used to do a bit of martial arts myself when I was younger. Nothing too fancy though. The US military has its own hand to hand combat training they like to call Combatives. It’s a mix of a lot of different styles, most notably jujitsu. 

    As some of you know I do a bit of digital painting (Nothing all that impressive but we’re working on that). Other than that my hobbies are video games. Skyrim takes up most of my time but I also play a lot of Destiny 2 lately. You might have spotted a few of my gameplay videos in the Misc. Gaming group. I usually play along side Elysium and Teccam. I’m nowhere near the greatest player but I like to think I know my way around the game well enough. 

    • I have yet to practice a mixed discipline, it should be fun. I've seen your art and I love it. The ones from the Maleficar and the Wolf Spider are my favorites!

  • I really enjoy the outdoors a lot. I was for awhile (over about 3 or 4 cumulative years), helping do trapping and poson baiting of pests and track maintance and tour guiding at a couple of wildlife centres. New Zealand has a lot of native bird species that are vulnurable to animals like rats, ferrets and possums.

    Me and my wife both did Kickboxing for a awhile (2 and a half years I think). It was a lot of fun and a  great way to stay fit. I had to stop a lot the more physical sports I did after a bad rugby accident several years back though. These days I still get out and go for a run and to the gym sometimes, but mostly I've been doing writting, reading and gaming. I've got a huge collection of fantasy and sci fi books as well. Heck I even like to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes from time to time. quite like baking and cooking.

    • wow, you do a lot of stuff, seems like New Zealand has interesting wildlife. I quite enjoy cooking too and I am guilty of owning a few cooking books

    • I'm basically this without the cool kickboxing and being into the outdoors. I'm just a beginner writer, albeit I think I'm decent, but I'm not much of a reader. I would cook, but I don't feel like burning down the house.

  • Aside from gaming, and manga and anime, i also enjoy reading, alongside stuff like Warhammer 40K. I don't buy the models, due to GW making them ludicrously expensive, but I do enjoy delving in the lore. I also do some game design here and there

    • I have always wanted to participate in some game creation. I was taking some level design classes with Unity


  • I run cross country and track which is what I spend most of my free time doing. When I'm not at practice or working out I do a lot of volunteering through an on-campus organization that I love. I, of course, play video games when I have some extra time or when I'm procrastinating homework. I am also part of a Vietnamese lion dance troupe (I am not Vietnamese) and practice that a couple of times a week as well as perform in seasonal performances. I enjoy reading books and watching anime and also spend quite a bit of time with my kittens. Once I'm done with college I'm going to start playing tennis and basketball again--I don't currently get to do those because I don't want to get injured in season (which is all the time).

    • Ah running. Reason #1 why I hated the military. 

    • Do you mind if I ask which college you go to? 

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