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What system(s) do you play Skyrim on?

Skyrim has been released on every system you can think of from PC to Nintendo Switch and even the Microwave. I'm sure by now many of us have played Skyrim on multiple game systems. So what systems do you currently play Skyrim on and which ones have you played it on in the past? While we're at it are you playing the Legendary or Special edition of the game and how extensively have you modded out your game? What's your overall experience been like?

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  • PC and PS4. Started on the 360, but lost the controller. PS3 but it ded. Mostly on PS4 these days

  • I'm still using the PS3.

    • That's all I have, since I am unable to afford a PC and I don't want to buy the PS4 when it will be replaced soon.

  • I currently play Skyrim SE for PC. I used to play the normal edition but holy hell, CTDs were driving me crazy. Now with SE I usually play for 3-4 hours without crashing. I run about 100+ mods. Depending on what type of character I'm playing I might add or remove specific mods. Been a long ass time since I played Vanilla, I'm actually thinking about trying a vanilla run on future characters but still not sure about it.

  • XBox1 with mods. I want to play on Pc but my laptop is crap. 

    • Exact same as me there lol 

  • I uses to play on ps3 but these days I’m on PC. I considered switching to Special Edition but I don’t feel like going through the hassle of putting together a fresh new mod list. 

  • I am but a lowly ps3 plyayer. But one day I’ll buy a PC

  • im on xbox and somewhat on pc but i use oldrim for pc and se for xbox the mod list is massive on xbox and kinda small on oldrim


  • PC Oldrim here. Debating the switch to SE for the improved graphics and stability. 

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