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Where are you from

I was on the discord group today and saw conversations at 4am my time and then it hit me most of ye guys aren't from Ireland like me so I'm just wondering where are ye guys from. 


*if you aren't comfortable commenting your home country just say a continent

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    • If you could move anywhere else in the states where would you go?

      • Hmm.. I'd probably chose Washington, because I heard that it rains a lot in Seattle.

  • I’m originally from Boston MA but ended up settling down in Baton Rouge LA

  • West PA, it's like IRL Falkreath and it's awful

  • Born in Chicago, IL, grew up in the good ol' Pacific Northwest (Like Riverwood), then a long stretch in Miami, and am now residing in West TX. 

  • A little no name community in the backwater of the Virginia/North Carolina line.

  • I'm from the south of Brazil.

  • On the island of Gozo of the Maltese archipelago.

    • Summer is literally hell. It's too hot.

      • You literally sweat after taking a bath here in summer. I'm from the far east, Manila, Philippines.

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