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  • Playing a scrawny filthy Nord beggar, only using ragged robes at the moment and a steel dagger.  Ignoring main quests while I slowly level up my sneak, lockpick one handed, pickpocket and speech skills.  Seem to be running away a lot, I don't think a beggar would attack armed bandits or a 500kg bear lol.

    At the moment I'm not allowed into merchants ( it's the smell!)  so to sell anything I need to track down the Khajiit caravaneers, which is an adventure in itself :)

    • That's very different and interesting as well! Do you plan to join the thieves guild when in Riften? I think it would fit your character, maybe 

  • I have 3 characters going at the moment. My Hollowfang, an Altmer pyromancer, and I just started a "Dragonborn" build.

    The Dragonborn is a Nord, wearing the armor from the promotion art, a steel dagger and steel sword, and primarily focuses on completing the main storyline and the Dragonborn storyline, as well as collecting shouts. 


  • I'm currently going through a relatively difficult palythrough as of now. He's an average Nord dude with a greatsword, who uses no magic, including shouts, and doesn't use any enchanted gear except for a few examples that fit the character that are less OP magic, and more ancient forest magic, y'know? Like Predators grace, or the Galdur necklace. It's weird not using magic or anything honestly. But he's super fun to play, especially because he's just a dude, who joined the companions to get a Nord Hero GS, then gave up the werewolf curse, and I think the only armor he has is his boots. His chest is just the armor the courier wears, because if you're just skinny enough on the muscle slider you can have it look like the strap across your chest is holding the sword down.

  • I just got back to Skyrim after 2 years or so. Writing my old Altmer right now and it is almost finished to be posted after the fine work. It is a sneak illusionist using frenzy spells and necromamcy + destruction to get the enemies to kill each other mostly. It is a lot of fun to play.


    After that I'll probably write my Oblivion re-creation in Amber Armor

  • currently playing a rogueish breton wanderer who uses stealth, archery, blades, agility, quick hands, and restoration magic to cleanse tamriel of undead and also partake in some petty thievery in the name of meridia.

  • Currently playing my revamped Bloodbound Colossus (Orsimer Vampire Lord with Daedric Armor and either Volendrung or Bloodskal Blade).  He travels around with Serana.

    • Oh, I like it. Necromancy? 

      • No, I spent perks on Atronachs rather than the undead side of the skill tree.  Though, given that he is a vampire, I will probably make Conjuration Legendary so he can go with necromancy.

        • Very nice. I'm currently playing my own version of the battlemage. Orc, Heavy Armor, shock spells, summoning atronachs, heavy into Alteration for the magic resist/absorb, a little in Restoration, and the Atronach Stone. 

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