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Jun 12
Calcelmo replied to Furrion 17's discussion Character Build: The Remnant Keeper (Ordinator) in Skyrim Character Building
"If you ever write a book about Alyssa and her dungeon delving adventures, I would certainly buy it!"
Jun 11
Calcelmo replied to Calcelmo's discussion Magic in sneak builds
"At first, thank you so much for the very detailed answer!!! I'll definitely give it a try this weekend.
I like the idea of casting runes from a distance, it's a very strategy-like build. The Demolition Job perk makes it even easier. Maybe an ice…"
Apr 21
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Hello! I'm currently playing a gray cowl inspired build, which is 100% sneak with ocasional one-handed attack when necessary. He's the master of the thieves guild and didn't touch the main quest yet. But I would like to join the College and try some…
Apr 20
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"Welcome to skyforge!"
Apr 16
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Apr 16
Calcelmo replied to Curse's discussion What is your favorite race and why?
"I have already played all (except orcs) and really like all all of their lores. But, if I have to choose just one, then it will be Breton. I know they don't have the most extensive lore, but I like their knight orders and their middle ages…"
Apr 6
Calcelmo replied to the_holy_dunsparce's discussion What are your favourite fantasy action/adventure games?
"Assassin's Creed franchise, but specially Origins :)
ps. I hate that Valhalla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jan 22
Calcelmo replied to Calcelmo's discussion Which build are you currently playing ?
"That's very different and interesting as well! Do you plan to join the thieves guild when in Riften? I think it would fit your character, maybe "
Jan 14
Calcelmo replied to XxBloodKnightxX's discussion What’s a mod you wish existed but doesn’t?
"Mods exploring forgotten details in Skyrim world, such as Reyda and Narfi... it could make a nice minor quest to discover Reyda's fate.
Also, more mods in other lands of Tamriel. Beyond Skyrim Bruma and Moonpath to Elsweyr are pretty nice, but I…"
Jan 11
Calcelmo replied to XxBloodKnightxX's discussion What’s a mod you wish existed but doesn’t?
"Improved Adoptions kind of help"
Jan 11
Calcelmo replied to XxBloodKnightxX's discussion What’s a mod you wish existed but doesn’t?
Jan 11
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My first post here :DI'm currently playing a necromancer/one handed character, with skeleton companions (Ordinator mod), blood sword (Colorful Magic mod) and some restoration skill
Jan 11
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Jan 9
Calcelmo replied to JustJam's discussion Character Build: The Blackmarsh Doctor in Skyrim Character Building
"Thanks! I'll be trying this build on my first 2023 playthrough :)"
Jan 9

How did you find this community?

through google while I was searching for builds

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

skyrim, oblivion

What Fallout games have you played?


Do you get to the Cloud District often?

Me, on my way to the cloud district, carrying Ulfric's axe.


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