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          • Cool.  Thinking about making my first stealth build once I'm finished improving my Bloodbound Colossus build.  I think I only really haven't because of how much I suck at stealth lol

            • Throw in some Illusion and Conjuration, throwing chaos into a group of enemies before dropping a couple of Daedra in the middle to clean things up. 

              • Ok, thanks!  Kind of excited to get started now.

  • I'm finalizing my LO for a my vanilla variation of the Hexer build, which is based off the Witcher. I've never actually played any of the Witcher games but the "Geralt" character is a RP I wanted to try out. Pretty basic in terms of skills etc. Two-handed, alchemy, light armor, and block with a little speech and smithing tossed in. The Betnet maintence has slowed down progress on finalizing the LO though.

    Character Build: The Hexer
    In a forgotten nook in the Wrothgarian Mountains of High Rock lies a small Orcish stronghold, barely held together and seemingly abandoned. Yet insid…
  • I just did a pretty fun play through I haven't really come up with a back story though. I'm calling him the grey-tooth Orc. His skills are one handed,archery,sneak,smithing,enchanting,alchemy and shouts. This is a dual wield sneak warrior build with stat spread of 0/2/1. I know it's been done a lot but I've come up with some pretty fun special moves you guys might like to check out. His gear is smithed up dragon scale armor enchanted with fortify health and stamina ,linwes hood, dark seducer gloves enchanted with fortify one handed and archery, nightingale boots, and a ring of fortify one hand and magic resistance and an amulet of fortify archery and magic resist. I use two smithed up Nordic swords enchanted with absorb health and soul trap and another with shock damage and soul trap.then a smithed up dragon bone bow. 

     he's a sneaky archer type but is also very tanky and hunts from a far for sport but is more than capable of going toe toe with hordes of tough guys. The special moves are

    Narcotic slaughter: this is done by taking the white Phial filled with the fortify one handed damage version as well as sleeping tree sap and then use the shout slow time and run around slashing your enemies. It's pretty cool cuz it's like you get surrounded in the purple cloud and hack away.

    Orcish alchemy :berserker rage+Marked for death+ poison made using scathecrow,skeever tail, and death bell 

    grey-tooth demolition: shadow cloak of nocturnal+sun flare. This is a fun way to start off fighting a group of enemies you choose to hack and slash after or you can go invisible again and pick them off with your bow.

    The shade within: summon spectral assassin+turn ethereal this is used in the rare case you need to retreat or reposition to take something down from afar. The spectral assassin makes a great decoy to rain shots from your bow. If the assassin doesn't die I will kill him right after the fight so he doesn't keep fallowing me.

    I had a blast I did theives guild and dark brotherhood first killed the emperor went to solsthiem killed miiraak Then I fought the civil war against the stormcloaks to destabilize skyrim so that the orcs will one day rule! 

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