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With Elder Scrolls VI there's no telling what they'll add. But lets imagine for a moment that Bethesda made your dreams come true and made some of your favorite exotic races playable. Which race(s) would they be and why? What kind of abilities do you think they'd possess?

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  • To be honest, I don’t really care much about these exotic races. I’m perfectly fine with the 10 playable races we have right now, probably because I still don’t know much about them, but these exotic races are interesting. We got a snippet of snow elves at the end of the Dawnguard DLC, so it’ll be interesting to see that expanded upon in TES VI, a game revolving around the dwarves before they disappeared could be interesting too. There could be a quest that explores the snow elves before they were turned into Falmer.
    • Any deep exploration into the dwarves is a gate way to a lot of the more esoteric aspects of elder scrolls lore. The kind that fly over the heads of most casual fans.
      • That’s true, I don’t delve into lore much. I play for the gameplay; exploration, quest, fighting, and the like. I do love lore and world building, but only when I’m watching others. I can’t be bothered to go around flipping through every book in the game or think too deep into a quest to find it’s true meaning.
    • If TES VI: Akavir were to happen, then it be an interesting 4 in 1 bundle. If Bethesda were to add new playable races, I highly doubt they would just add one. Out of the 4 Akaviri races, I’m definitely most excited for the Tang Mo. I don’t really like the Tsaesci because I don’t like snakes or reptilians in general, which is probably why I don’t like Argonians (sorry Tae). They seem like a savage and corrupt race; the high elves of Akavir. The Tang Mo in my opinion most closely resemble humans out of the Akaviri races. They’re weak but still join together to overcome their adversaries. The Kamal and Ka Po’ Tun are pretty cool too, they’re somewhere between Tang Mo and Tasesci for me. I just want to see a monkey swing around a staff.
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    • What’s your real choice?
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        • Theres very faint rumors that Obsidian is working the next Elder Scrolls title. So who knows what might be added in that regard if the rumors are true. 

          You may remember Obsidian as the guys who made New Vegas, a far superior fallout game than any fallout game Bethesda could have made. 

          • You know what else Obsidian worked on? Skyforge ;-)
        • I’m interested in the Tang Mo too, but from a lore perspective, I think the Dwenmer or Snow Elves would be most interesting.
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            • That’s a very good argument, and I’m actually sold. Now that I think about it, it would be very boring and anticlimactic to reveal everything about the dwenmer. It’s more interesting to discover and learn about them through bits and pieces like you said. There’s a certain air of mystery surrounding them that makes them so interesting. A game revolving around them would take that away.
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                • That’s a good idea, but I wouldn’t want that for TES VI. It’s just Skyrim’s take on the Dwenmer race. I want TES VI to be unique and different. I haven’t played Oblivion or Morrowind, but I’m pretty sure they work differently from Skyrim. If they were to have the Dwenmer as a playable race, it has to be a new take on each race and how they affect gameplay. Your idea would work great as a mod for Skyrim though.
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