Character Portrait & Screenshot Showcase


Hey guys, welcome to the Character Portrait & Screenshots Showcase! This is where you can essentially show off your characters' face be it attractive, menacing, or downright hideously deformed. Take a screenshot or even a picture of your TV screen if you have to that shows off your character's face and post it here. If you'd like you can even include a brief bio of your character or a description of where you got your inspiration for your character's appearance.

You may take screenshots of your character from any Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. 

Somewhere out there is a mod that 'records' the sliders in case you ever want to replicate say someones character completely. I'd love to see what you guys have got!

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  • I'll start us off since nobody is biting. This is Cassandra, a breton vampire knight of sorts and 1 of 3-in-1 character build I'm working on. I'd be happy to share the mods that went into this character's creation and armor set for those interested. I'll be sure to share some more screenshots later. 



  • Meet Morgana, an infamous vampire known as the night reaver, who has taken to hunting witch hunters using their own tactics against them. 488987099?profile=RESIZE_930x


    • She looks so confident and bad ass.

  • Well I don't have mny screenshots of a character's actual face, but I've always loved this one of my upcoming Conqueror build:493317469?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Death to all vampires. Long live Skyrim.



    • Looks as if he is saying ‘on my way to steal yo girl’

    • The character is nice but I'm getting distracted by them on-point grass textures XD

  • Jon Snow in Skyrim? 


    • It looks just like him. 

    • That shield is just icnredible.

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