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  • It's a difficult choice for me between Auridon and the Alik'r Desert. Both places we haven't seen anything quite like in other modern TES games. I think my favourite part of those zones (and much of ESO in general) was seeing and experiencing people, places and events that we've only read about previously.

    That said, I haven't played any of the expansions and am looking forward to checking out Summerset at some point!

  • Base Game:

    Design Aesthetics: Reaper's March/Craglorn; Story: Rivenspire & Reaper's March; Lore/Immersion:* Shadowfen (but I hate this place lol) 


    Design/Aesthetics: Vvardenfell (and it's not even close); Story: Orsinium; Lore/Immersion: Vvardenfell


    *by lore/immersion, I mean "do you feel like you are steeped in the race's world and culture," not "does this comply chapter and verse with Kirkbridian history texts." Don't want to start any lore fights!

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