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Good morning, time for another weekly ESO guide. Today, I am just going to do a rundown of my most valued addons. There are literally thousands of addons available for the game, I have only a small fraction of those addons and I feel like I have a lo

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ESO Guides: Creative Character Building

Happy Saturday, campers! In this week’s ESO Guide, I thought I’d do something a bit different and talk about “character building” in Elder Scrolls Online, in a way that can help folks from this site transition from character building in a game like S

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Greetings from your Host

Greetings. Mission accomplished, everything else here is gravy.

My name is Avi, I will be hosting this tiny, and hopefully growing, group for the near future.


Here's a selfie of me. I had a rough night when this was taken.


I am a long-time Skyrim fana

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