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Good morning, time for another weekly ESO guide. Today, I am just going to do a rundown of my most valued addons. There are literally thousands of addons available for the game, I have only a small fraction of those addons and I feel like I have a lo

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The ESO Help Desk

3821187599?profile=RESIZE_710xHere's a place for all your ESO related technical questions. Post any issues you're having with your game here and a more experienced member should be able to help you out!

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ESO - Classes and Skills


ESO is home to a host of unique TTRPG-esque classes unlike any seen anywhere else in the Elder Scrolls universe. They are the Dragonknight, the Templar, the Noghtblade, the Sorcerer, and more recently, the Warden and the Necromancer. They developers

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What is your ESO User ID

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I suppose the best way to kick off our ESO is to have everyone share their user names. With that said here you may post your User ID as well as what system and server you play on. 

I'll start us off

  • @CurseND
  • PC
  • NA Server

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