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A few months ago, Pixel and I posted announcements about the formation of Sky Forge guilds in ESO. This is a reminder post to let you know about the guilds and to encourage you to join us!

PC NA: The Sky Forge - Guildmaster, Curse

XBox NA: The Sky Forge - Guildmaster, Pixel

Both guilds are small but they are getting more active as more members of the community get into ESO in 2020 (seriously, what took you guys so long?). If you play on either platform and want to join up, please post a note in the comments below or on our shiny new Discord server. with your in-game user ID or "at-name" (i.e., "@Edgelord127") and make sure to specify your platform as PC or Xbox. We can pick you up and shoot you an invite.

Hope to see more of you in game, and in these guilds, soon! - Avi

You need to be a member of THE SKY FORGE to add comments!


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  • Dope, thanks Avi. Can't wait for these guilds to really pick up.

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