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Show Off Your Character(s) - The ESO Fashion Catalog

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Seeing as we now have this brand new ESO group up and running, people may desire a place to share their characters. So with that here's a thread dedicated to just that. 

Although ESO is an MMO, it features countless hours of content which can be played solo, allowing us to create intricate stories for our characters if we so choose. We can play the lone wolf or join with others. We can focus on the gameplay, or immerse ourselves in our roles if that is what we prefer, or even do both. Half the fun is sharing our experiences in one form or another. It's what this site is built on, so if you have a character you particularly enjoy why not take the time to tell us about them below? Then once you're done telling us about them why not pop in every now and then to tell us about some of your favourite moments from playing them?

Give me a minute and I'll get us started by posting about my own. 

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  • Here's my Magicka Necromancer! Rocking The Scarlet Judge's Regalia Costume and using the Coldharbour Ash Black Dye from completing the main quest! Once I get more into the endgame and have more motifs and such I'll delve into making a proper outfit.


    • I use Coldharbour black ash alongside red diamond red.  It's definitely my favourite black that I've unlocked so far.  It loks very good on your character here.


      • Figures they’d make you slog through the main quest to get the best shader

    • Even for just a costume it looks pretty sweet!

      • Thanks! It was worth the grind!

  • 3894038300?profile=RESIZE_930xHere is an update from last week.  She has changed attire again during the last few days, but this previous simple outfit looked quite good.

    • Looking good! Black and red on a vampire - sometimes you just can't beat the classics.

  • Well, here are the 4 characters I've played the most back in the day!

    3894369515?profile=RESIZE_710xFirst up is Alethian Firyinel, an Altmer Templar. He's my first character and my main; usually runs healer, magic DPS on a bit of an all-rounder support brawler.

    3894376187?profile=RESIZE_710xNext is Marcellus Halfmer, a Breton Nightblade. I originally built this guy as a tank using evasion stacking to avoid damage. Unfortunately that build was nerfed a long time ago so he hasn't seen much use since.

    3894381500?profile=RESIZE_710xThis is Hun'Sel, a Redguard Sorcerer I was setting up with a Stamina build. Going for a bit more of a barbaric aesthetic on this one.

    3894387637?profile=RESIZE_710xLastly we have Tedril Redoran, a Dunmer Dragonknight. You can see he's wearing mostly light with a couple of medium and heavy pieces - I had a plan set up where I'd be able to run a primarily magicka-based build and just switch skills and weapons to fill roles. No idea if it'd still work in the current patch though.

    • Great selection of characters and outfits there Ponty :).

      Magicka Dragonknight was an idea that I considered, but the range of so many of the class skills is just too short for my tastes.  I want a 28 meter range for my magicka characters and the Dragonknight just doesn't offer that.  I feel that they are much better suited to melée.


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