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What is your favorite ESO class, and why?


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Anyone who's played ESO long enough has likely gravitated towards one class or another. So which class has come away as your favorite, and why? For me its the Nightblade class. In addition to great DPS potential and excellent sustainability, I find them to be very versatile. Want a Nightblade tank? Done. Nightblade healer? No problem. Let me know in the comments below which class is your favorite. 

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  • I don't really know if I can pick a favorite. I feel like I jump around too much and haven't spent enough time committed to a single class. I've spent the most time with Nightblade and Dragonknight though, and I like both of them a lot. Both have cool aesthetic, and both are very versatile. I'm not super well versed with the current meta, but historically, DKs have been able to be excellent DPS in both magicka or stamina focus, and also very good tanks and even solid in PVP, from what I understand (I've never been a PVPer myself). And Nightblades too are great for DPS whether magicka or stamina oriented, and definitely have their share of PVP representation as well.

    I tend to gravitate more toward PVE solo content, and those classes are both super fun for it. It's easy to find a relatively simple, effective, and sustainable rotation with them, that's got enough going on to avoid being boring, but not overly complicated.

    I'm rolling a new Breton Magplar now, which is actually my first Templar toon. It's certainly effective, but at least at the low levels, it almost feels too simple with just jab spam. I'm sure later on it will get a bit more interesting though. Can't deny the effectiveness in any case. And maybe I can pivot into more of a healer/support role if we ever group up!

  • My main was always a Templar back when I was playing. I'd usually run a healing spec while doing group content and their lineup of healing abilities really gave them a bit of extra versatility over other classes.

    I've got a lot of love for Dragonknight as well; back when I stopped playing I had a magicka-based character who could switch up between tank, DPS and heals just by changing a few pieces of gear. Admittedly probably not viable in high level play but it worked a treat for dungeons. You can really see especially in the new classes that they went out of their way to make sure that you can build any playstyle with any class.

  • I really wanted it to be the Sorcerer.  This was the first class I played when I got into the game last year, but I was very disappointed by this class.  I tried again earlier this year, but it just is not doing it for me.  I love playing a magicka Nighblade vampire (vampiress in my case).  I think that I'm going to enjoy this build even more when Greymoor comes out.  I am also fond of my female magicka Templar, but I have not got a decent backstory for her yet, so that build is on hold.  On that basis, either Nightblade or Templar for me, depending on how I feel on any given day.

  • Judging by the polls Wardens are by far the community favorite. 

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