FO4 Build: The Mechana-Officer

Hello, everypony, welcome to my first entry in the Comics Event, as well as my latest F04 build! Now, this character was inspired by one of my favorite cyborgs in all of sci-fi. Second, only to Adam Jensen, it’s the titanium and kevlar clad Alex Murphy, better known by his OCP rebranding of Robocop!


All you wanted to do was protect the city you grew up in, to give something back. You joined the police force as soon as you could and enlisted when your country needed you. During an incident where you were trying to suppress a riot, a band of protesters opened fire on you with stolen prototype weapons, leaving you with grievous bullet wounds and multiple burns. Your government, in what you believed was an act of gratitude for your service, outfitted you with an experimental exoskeleton and cybernetic enhancements.

Life was good, you were alive, you had a gorgeous wife and a healthy baby boy. Then one day, the bombs began falling, your wife was murdered, and your son kidnapped. Now, you’re out to dispense some Old World justice on the bastards who ruined your life, and on the bastards who ruined the world...


When I was designed this build, I did my research by rewatching the original Robocop, then finally watching the remake. I made this character as a hybrid of the two, with a bit more of the remake’s “human” Robocop. While we sadly can’t cruise around in a sleek motorcycle or armored police car, we can make do with the occasional Vertibird.


S-4+1 P-7+2 E-6+1 C-8+2 I-7+1 A-7+1 L-2+1



Straight out of the Vault, you should try and get a full set of armor as soon as possible. A mix of Leather and Raider will do for a good chunk of the playthrough. Your goal is eventually gathering a Combat Armor Helmet, Sturdy Combat Armor arms and legs, and finally, a Heavy Combat Armor Chest. The Combat Armor Helmet and Heavy Combat Armor Chest can both be gotten from Captain Bridgette at Hub City Auto Wreckers. The rest can be found through looting any foes. For the under armor, we can either pick up the BoS Officer Uniform from Paladin Brandis, or the Marine Wetsuit from Far Harbor. Speaking of the armor, without mods, we sadly can’t the classic steel color look of Robocop. However, with the Shadowed modification, we can try and get something close to the sleek look of the remake. To cap it all off, we finish the ensemble with either the Brotherhood Officer Uniform, or the Marine Wetsuit if you got Far Harbor, and a pair of either Wraparound Goggles, or Road Goggles. If you, like me, are on PS4, go to the mods section, and search Autocop, you should find an armor mod with chrome combat armor, and a Synth (Field) helm.

Now, for the weapons, and trying to recreate the slick Auto 9, as well as the badass Cobra Assault Cannon.  For the Auto 9, I had two options. One was the iconic 10mm Pistol, in my case a Legendary Deadeye 10mm Pistol, with Hardened Piercing Auto Receiver, Long Light Ported Barrel, Sharpshooter´s Grip, Quick Eject Mag, Glow Sights, and Muzzle Break mods, or the Deliverer, with the suppressor, removed, the Long Barrel added, and the Advanced Receiver popped on for some added damage. For the Cobra Assault Cannon, which while in my playthrough was your run-of-the-mill Hunting Rifle, I recommend trying to ¨Legendary Farm¨ for an Explosive variant, I added the Hardened .50 Receiver, the Long Ported Barrel, the Marksman´s Stock, Large Quick Eject Mag, Long Recon Scope, and Muzzle Break.

The Auto 9 was my go-to weapon when dealing with any mooks that stood in my way. Let´s take, say, the exterior door of Corvega Assembly Plant, for instance. We got at least three Raiders, and a turret. What happened was I strutted up to the place, and got the four baddies to notice me. I whipped out my Auto 9, enter VATS, and just started popping bullets into limbs. Even without Jet and its derivatives, I basically Bullet Timed all three raiders and the turret, and with my enhanced Deliverer, took them all down in one, two shots tops. The Cobra Assault Cannon was meant for higher level type enemies, such as Super Mutant Butchers and the like, or big old bastards like Mirelurk Queens or Super Mutant Behemoths. The occasional Critical Shot helped out in a jam, even if I didn't use it too often.

When it comes to Factions, really any faction aside from the Institute, who are basically the OCP/OmniCorp of the Fallout Universe, will do. The Brotherhood of Steel is really the only other faction I had a problem working with, due to their rather Enclave-ish want to eliminate all Ghouls, Synths, and Super Mutants. While Feral Ghouls, a good majority of Super Mutants, and a fair amount of Synths are bad news, throughout the Fallout series, itś possible to meet perfectly amiable non-Feral Ghouls, highly intelligent Super Mutants who don´t try to murder you at first sight, like Fallout 3;ś Fawkes, and quite a few Synths that are decent people.



  • Try and resolve things as peacefully as possible. Whether it be ¨arresting” enemies via, for instance, the Intimidation perk, or via Persuasion/Threatening them in dialogue.
  • Try and help out ¨morally goodish quests, like taking out Raider gangs or Feral Ghouls for Bunker Hill.

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