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Punisher Max #49: Widowmaker Conclusion



Story: Like many patriotic American men, Fank Castle joined the army during the Sino-American War.  Serving four tours of duty, surviving chaotic battles, completing important missions, and being a successful marine, the military considered him a prime example of a dedicated soldier.  Anyone who knew him personally would tell a different story.

Frank was seen as quiet, stone-faced, spending time either at the shooting range or maintaining guns when not on a mission.  His loner nature disturbed other soldiers, even more so when they heard he didn't show any emotion when he was told his father passed away or his wife, Nora, was pregnant.  Doctors theorized that each fight he survives and each kill he does, he slowly developed a form of post-traumatic stress disorder and strongly suggested he be given intense therapy.  But several superiors waved it aside, seeing that his mission achievement history outweighed worry.  They later regretted their decision.

Strange events started happening at the base Frank was stationed at during his last tour.  One lieutenant who was secretly selling drugs was killed in his office, rumored to be from a malfunctioned grenade.  Three soldiers who got drunk on smuggled whiskey were sent to the hospital critically injured, each was terrified and claimed they were too drunk to identify their assaulter.  And one soldier who rumors say he molested a nurse was found dead a mile in the jungle outside the base.

While it was publicly believed that it was the work of Communists saboteurs, few have openly said it was Frank's doing.  Rather than risk embarrassment and public damage to their morale, the superiors convinced him to prematurely return to the States, that he did enough for his country as a soldier and can do more a family man.

Frank complied, but he knew citizen life felt more foreign to him whenever he returned from duty.  For the sake of Nora and his newborn son, Shaun, he did his best to put on a smile and act as an everyday man.  He repressed whatever urge to kill he mastered in the army, though he wondered how long he could keep up such a charade.

Then the bombs fell. . .


Starting SPECIAL: Strength 4, Perception 6, Endurance 5, Charisma 3, Intelligence 3, Agility 6, Luck 2 (SPECIAL book point included)


SPECIAL Bobbleheads to collect: All


Ending SPECIAL: Strength 5, Perception 8, Endurance 6, Charisma 8, Intelligence 4, Agility 8, Luck 3


Perks: Armorer 3, Rifleman, Perception 1, Demo Expert, Sniper, Charisma 4, Lone Wanderer, Medic, Gun Nut 4, Agility 1, Quick Hands, Ninja, Scrounger, Bloody Mess 3


Equipment: Early gear; road leathers, full shadowed leather, double-barrel shotgun, combat knife, and hunting rifle.

Middle-level gear; skull bandana (you'll find it on Gunners and keep), combat knife, full shadowed standard combat armor (dense chest, stabilized arms, muffled legs, no helmet), combat shotgun, and still a hunting rifle with a suppressor.

Final gear; Pickman's blade, Marine wetsuit, Black Ops shadowed dense chest, shadowed study combat (stabilized arms and sleek legs), Justice, and still suppressed hunting rifle.


Factions: It's a tie between the Minutemen and the Railroad.  The Minutemen want to bring law to the Commonwealth, making it safe for settlers.  The Railroad operates secretly to protect synths, which the Punisher sees that their self-awareness makes them equal to humans.

The Institue are fascists whose ego gives them justification for murder and kidnapping, especially Shaun.  The Brotherhood of Steel are bearable are first, until the Punisher sees their delusional bigotry and self-righteous tyranny makes them just a shade close to the Institute.


Companions: While the Punisher prefers working alone, he does take a follower now and then when they're personally involved with a quest (or if they have good companion perks).

Deacon can be the comedic man to contrast the Punisher's straight man.  MacCready as a fellow father and widow.  Nick because of his undying drive to bring justice, even if it's centuries overdue.  Preston and Danse for their unwavering belief in order from a just system, reminding Frank what he believed in when he joined the army.


Recommended Quests: It started as a hunt for the man who shot Nora and kidnapped Shaun.  But as the Punisher ventured more into the Wasteland, he sees others who have suffered no worse than he has.  Others who have lost loved ones who were kidnapped or killed.  The Punisher refuses to let people feel as helpless as he was.

You'll mostly be killing monsters and baddies, like Lorenzo (The Secret of Cabot House) and Eddie Winter (Long Time Coming).  You'll work with Kent Connolly and kill scum dressed up as the Silver Shroud, but you sure as &@$# aren't gonna talk like him.  When accepting quests, don't ask for more money; you don't put a price on judging the damned.  Whether you help Pickman or let him die is up to you.  All that matters is you get his knife.

DLC: End the Mechanist's insane crusade, put down the raiders at Nuka World, help Far Habor (especially Cassie Dalton), and destroy the Children of Atom.  Make DiMA pay for his crimes, but spare Acadia.


Gameplay: When it comes to combat, you have your choices: sniping, sneaking close and using your knife, laying mines and luring enemies to them, or just toss grenades and use Justice.

When socializing, try to smile as less as possible.  You're a serious vigilante, after all.  And no sarcasm.  If you raised your Charisma high enough, you can scare information out of most people, or into not fighting you (if you feel like it).



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  • You did good my man. Hope to see more of the comic inspired builds.

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