Most awesome gaming moments!

Now, let's face it. When gaming, we either do something, or see something happen, that makes us go "Holy shit!" Well here, my friends, is a space where we can post all these moments of awesomeness and share it with our fellow gamers. As co-host of Misc, and creator of this, I'll start with a duo:

1. Alrighty then, this was quite a holy shit moment for me. This was in Destiny 2. To get my daily Powerful Gear, I decided to pop into a match of Crucible. It was Control, and I go to take point B. I see two of the enemy fireteam rush towards me, a Hunter nd another Warlock, and I pop them with my Ether Doctor. I then notice that A. The other members of the enemy fireteam are coming at me, and B. My fireteam is fucking nowhere near me. So, until I cap the point, I'm basically fighting off the entire enemy fireteam. And I manage to pop them. Here i am, using my Ether Doctor, Duke 44, and grenades. Though the fun had to end, as a few seconds after I capture B, I get yeeted by the Titan's Shoulder Charge. He then proceeded to emote on me. But damn that was fun. Dodging, shooting, and heal rifting in that little Objective circle.

2. This clutch moment happened to me in a match of some good old Rainbow Six Siege. I had recently gotten Alibi, and tried her out for the match. All is well, until it eventually gets to a 2 v 4 Pissed at the fact some of the enemy team had been doing things like spawn peeking and rushing in a previous round, I whipped out her shotgun. I theb began screaming like a handy as I blasted the remaining enemy players. Rush into one room, and clap two as I stroll in. Go through another door into objective, where my last teammate gets blasted. I proceeded to kill the other two motherfuckers, clutching the match, and probably making my whole team think I was insane.

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  • My Holy Shit moment was a couple of years ago. I set the insane challange of completing the entire Halo series on solo Legendary. Halo 2 especially Halo 2, and 3 are by far the hardest with 4 and CE being the easiset and the rest sitting somwhere in the middle. Now that was a feat I'd never thought I'd manage. There was much gamer rage, swearing and the like as I got destroyed by the Relentless hoardes of Covenant and Flood Zombies, and Halo 2's Jackal Snipers. But I eventually prevailed and it is probably one of my proudest and most grueling gaming achievements to this date.

    • That is some dedication there my dude

  • I scored nearly 50 eliminations in a single Quick Play match in Destiny 2. Elysium had my back throughout the match. 

    • Damn Curse, nice. Always good to know your fireteam has your back

    • Fuuuuckin-A...

      The best I’ve ever done in quick play was 17 kills. 

  • Back when I was 13 Modern Warfare 3 came out, and I didn't really touch it all that much for the next half a year, this is when COD was at it's peak years for popularity around 2010-2013 with all those channels on Youtube amassing thousands of views and all that.

    Well in the Summer following the initial release Face Off, a game mode where you could play 1v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s in a variety of gamemodes rather than the typical deathmatch that I believe was 5v5 or 6v6. Everyday that Summer we played the hell out of that game mode (By we I'm talking about 5 friends, but naturally most of the time only 3 of us were online). I don't have any way of proving this or anything, but there was a point in time where we went completely undefeated for at least 20 games despite regularly going up against the most sweaty of tryhards, squeaky quickscopers, etc.

    Probably not the best example at the moment, but it's the only one I can recall right now. Might return here at some point to share more.

  • Here's another game where I tried out the six shooter gunslinger. Not my best as far as kills go but I was quite pleased to have gone nearly half the match without dying. 

  • Here's a match where I tried out Graviton Lance 

  • Winning Gambit by a thread. 


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