A Blast From the Past

While searching for a mod that I deleted long ago, it donned on me that I could look up my entire Nexus mod download history. That walk down memory lane was something else. I cringe at some of the mods I used to run. So what are some of the first mods you downloaded?

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  • Looking back, the very first mod I downloaded was the Ethereal Elven Overhaul. I still remember my first few days of modding.

    I had been a console player on the PS3 since early 2013. I finally gave in to mods after trying and failing, for what seemed like hours, to make a half way decent looking female dark elf. All I had then was a potato laptop just barely capable of running the game on its lowest settings. But it was worth it to never have to look at those monstrous forehead ridges ever again.



  • You don’t even wanna know the first mods I downloaded. 

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