A Guide to Enairim shrines and locations

Furrion's guide to Enairim

Hey guys, I've decided to make a handy guide of refrence to some of the locations added in by some of Enaisaion's mods. The aim here is to have easily accessible point of refrence for all of those hard to find shrines and pillars. The list is far from complete and I intend to add more in over time. But if you guys know of any that are not on the list drop them in the comments section and I will happily add it in to the list and credit you for your help.


Thunder child Pillar locations

  • Pillar of Stormblasts – Located at the beginning of the path on the way to High Hrothgar behind Ivarstead.
  • Pillar of Dismay – Located on the western coastline in Hafingaar hold, south of Northwatch keep and Icewater Jetty.
  • Pillar of Storm Call – Located on the coastline of the Sea of Ghosts, almost directly beneath the College of Winterhold.
  • Pillar of Lightning Shield – Located behind the Windspeak inn in Dawnstar.
  • Pillar of Kynes Peace – Located by the decrepit broken-down house in Whiterun Hold, in-between the Western watch tower and Fort Greymoor.
  • Pillar of Aura Whisper – Located in-between Redorans Retreat and Silent Moons Camp in Whiterun Hold.
  • Pillar of Deaths Mark – Located Southwest of Hamvir’s Rest in Whiterun hold.
  • Pillar of the Wailing Banshee – Located in the swamps beyond Morthal, nearby Ustengrav.
  • Pillar of Trueshot – Located in the Sawmps of Hjalmarch nearby the Apprentice Stone.
  • Pillar of Dead’s Grasp – Located in Falkreath hold at a roadside junction in close proximity to Shriekwind Bastion. Directly South of Lake Ilinata and the Lady stone.
  • Pillar of Shattersphere – On Slostheim located near Saering Watch at a cliffs edge.
  • Pillar of Oblivion – On Solstheim – located just outside of Vahlok’s Tomb.
  • Pillar of Lifestream – Located out in the Sea of Ghosts. On an Island in the far north nearby “The Chill”. More or less directly north of The College of Winterhold.
  • Pillar of Anihilation - Found in the Rift near the Imperial Camp next to the Ruins of Bhalft
  • Pillar of Ice Form – Just west of Anga’s Mill, near the entrance to Bronze Water Cave.
  • Pillar of Armageddon – Due East of Shor’s Stone in the Rift.

Wintersun Shrine locations

  • 8/9 Divines – Easily found in The Temple of Divines in Solitude or temples/shrines devoted to the respective deity across the province or in the hold capitals.
  • Hillcrown Yokudan Shrine – Atop the hill behind Rorikstead. Due Southwest of Serpents Bluff Redoubt.
  • Altar to Ebonarm – Near Liars Retreat, just North west of Broken Tower Redoubt.
  • Old gods/Animal Gods – Located in Labrynthian. Must equip Wooden mask in front of the Dragon Priest mask alter to access the shrine.
  • Sheogorath Shrine – Located on the Western coastline north of the Orphans tear Ship Wreck. Look out for cheese.
  • Jygalaag – Located in the Pale. Due west of Dawnstar above a bandit camp.
  • Molag Bal – Located inside Castle Volkihar near the entry to Molag Bal’s Blood altar and Lord Harkons quarters.
  • Mehrunes Dagon – Located in the Pale Hold near the Lord Stone and Dimhollow Crypt. Outside the Statue of Mehrunes Dagon.
  • Merida – Located at the Statue of Merida on Mount Killkreath near Dragons Bridge.
  • Mannimarco – Located in the Eastmarch steamcrags near the Atronach Stone and Mistwatch Keep.
  • Sanguine – Located next a mead barrel by an overturned cart. In Eastmarch near Kynesgrove.
  • Shrine of Azura – Located in Winterhold south of the hold capital, at the statue of Azura north east of the sightless pit. Or at the temple in Raven Rock on Solstheim.
  • All-Maker – Can be worshiped from any of the All-Maker Stones found on Solstheim.
  • Altar to Baan Dar – Located in the Swamps of Hjalmach. In-between Folgunthur and the Apprentice Stone.
  •  Shrine of Clavicus Vile - At his altar in Haemars Shame located east of the Falkreath Stormcloak Camp.
  • Statue of Xarxes - Found on the road toward Riften in the Rift, due east of the Ruins of Bhaflt.
  • Shrine of Trinimac - Found in the Eastmarch steamcrags near the mourning giant and his dead mammoth, east of the Atronach Stone.
  • Altar of Magnus - Located in the Reach along the Karth River on the road to Old Hroldan. On the opposite side of the hill to Rorikstead.
  • Altar to Z'en - On the road to Dragonsbridge in-between Forebears' Holdout and Dragonsbridge.
  • Shrine of Boethiah - Located at Sacellum of Boethiah due east of Windhelm. Or at the Temple in Raven Rock on Solstheim.
  • Shrine of Nocturnal - Located in the Ragged Flagon Cistern after the completion of the Theives Guild quest “Darness Returns”.
  • Shrine of Mephala – Located in the Raven Rock Temple on Solstheim.
  • Temple of the Ancestors – Located across the river and northeast of Mixwater Mill in Eastmarch.
  • Statue of Phynastor – Located outside of Nilheim in the Rift, due east of Ivarstead.
  • Altar to the Riddle’Thar – Located in Winterhold, it is located near the Mount Anthor word wall.
  • Jephre’s Stones – Located in Whiterunhold. Southwest of Fort Greymoor.
  • Shrines to Hircine – One can be found in the Glenmoril Coven. Another can be found at the Snowclad ruins on Solsheim near where the werebears are. The final is Souteast of the Talking Stones giant camp in white rune hold.
  • Shrine to Malacath – Found inside Fallowstone cave in the Rift hold. It is located at the statue of him.
  • The Magna-Ge – Have fun with this one. It’s located in the mountain’s northeast of Bleak falls Barrow. I have no idea how to get to it conventionally I had to use a cheat mod to reach it. You can identify it by some old Nordic Ruins.
  • Shor – This one is located North of Windhelm. Southwest of the ship of “The Winter War”. And across the harbour from Yngol Barrow.
  • Sithis – There is a shrine to Sithis in each of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuaries.
  • The Hist – Located in Sleeping tree camp in the pool of magic water. Located in Whiterun hold.
  • St Alessia - Southeastern corner of Eastmarch. Take the steep road up to Kagrenzel from Ansilvund, you'll eventually spy the statue of a woman. (Thanks Lee for finding this one).
  • RaJhin - Located in a rocky outcrop near Valtheim towers and Galdun Rock.

Ordinator Wild Shrines

  • Destruction Shrine – Located in Falkreath hold nearby Halldir’s Cairn
  • Conjuration Shrine – Located in the Swamps Beyond Morthal in-between Movarths Lair and the Apprentice Stone.
  • Restoration Shrine – Located in the Reach on a small Island in the Karth River. Directly South of Serpents Bluff Redoubt. Easily found while on the road to Old Hroldan.
  • Alteration Shrine – Located in Eastmarch above the cave entrance to the Uttering Hills bandit hideout.
  • Illusion Shrine – Located in the southern reaches of the Pale Hold, it can be found close by to the Blizzards Rest giant camp.

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  • Very handy guide you have here. One question though, is there not a shrine to Hermeus Mora? 

    • Aye there is. It's not complete yet, as I've not found everything. I've not found where his shrine is yet. If I were to geuss it'd be at the Septimus Signus Outpost or somewhere in Apocrypha.

      • Nice stuff, Furrion. There's actually an entry on the "Docs" page of the mod on the Nexus that lists a lot of shrine locations as well.

        One thing you might do to further expand this if you are up for it is to further explain some of the more esoteric elements of Wintersun. Stuff like what the different Old God buffs are, which deities can roll when you pray to St. Alessia (is it just the nine?), how things like Arkay's Rites / Eldritch Tomes / Peryites Gifts / Touch of Madness / Riddle'Thar's boons work, etc.  I dunno if that would be more appropriate here or in a separate thread, but I think there's a "market" for that info either way.

        EDIT: I read the doc more closely and it actually doesn't appear to specifically list the shrine locations. My apologies.

        Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim
        Wintersun adds religion and worship. Meditating, praying at shrines and adhering to the tenets of your deity strengthens your bond with the deity and…
        • Aye that's a good idea. When I get the time I'll definitely look into adding what each deity does. As well as what the pillars effects are. It'll take awhile since you need to get 100% devotion to a deity and have all the words to a shout to find out what the hidden/unlocked abilities are.


          If anyone else has experience with this i  would much appreciate the input :)

          • From the readme (if you want to post this here or elsewhere feel free to copypasta) here are the pillar buffs to the shouts (as you note you need all three words unlocked for the pillar to give these effects)

            - Arcane Helix: Full shout includes 2 word effect.
            - Armageddon: Full shout impact damage +400%.
            - Aura Whisper: Full shout cooldown -5 sec per target detected.
            - Curse: Full shout cooldown -20 sec if the reflected damage kills an enemy.
            - Dance of the Dead: Full shout cooldown -2 sec for each note hit.
            - Disarm: Full shout affects targets of any level.
            - Dismay: Full shout affects targets of any level and duration +100%.
            - Evocation: Full shout cooldown -5 sec per spell cast from the tower.
            - Iceborn: Full shout damage +40%.
            - Ice Form: Full shout has infinite duration until broken.
            - Kingsbane: Full shout damage +25%.
            - Kyne's Peace: Full shout also calms the undead.
            - Lifestream: Full shout can now affect undead, daedra and automatons.
            - Lightning Shield: Full shout refunds 20 magicka and 10 stamina each time you are hit.
            - Marked for Death: Full shout permanently damages target armor by 5 per second.
            - Oblivion: Full shout no longer damages you.
            - Shattersphere: Full shout casts itself again each time it hits a target.
            - Stormblast: Full shout cooldown -60 sec if it hits a target in mid-swing.
            - Storm Call: Full shout damage +50% and knockup.
            - Trueshot: Full shout cooldown -5 sec per target hit by the shard.
            - Wail of the Banshee: Full shout cooldown -25 sec per kill.

  • Am I the only one that believes there should be a shrine to Mother Lamae Bal?? I like being a vampire but after becoming one in ESO and meeting her and hearing her story, I refuse to have anything more to do with Molag, but now embrace Mother Lamae as my goddess 

This reply was deleted.