• Hey sorry its taken so long to get a reply. There's acually quite a lot one can do with simple plug-and-play mods to cover up Skyrim's ugly LODs. Assuming you're using legendary edition I have a list of suggestions:

    Dynavision - You can use this to apply a static blur effect to the distant scenery

    Obsidian Mountain Fog - Covers surrounding mountains in a thick mountain fog

    Real Clouds - Adds real 3 dimensional clouds to the skies, not just painted on background clouds. In many weather conditions the clouds hang low covering up ugly distant features. 

    Enhanced Vanilla Trees makes trees taller and much thicker which works wonders for hiding distant terrain.

    Fogrim - applies a light distant fog. Works wonders outside (Not shown in the screenshots below since I literally just discovered this mod as I'm writing this)









    • Dude that is way better than what I could have hoped for! Thanks!

  • Those are some fan-fuckin-tactic screenshots 

  • Funny enough I was having some minor difficulty with installing DynDOLOD til just recently. The mods I listed earlier are phenomenal together, but having DynDOLOD on top of it takes the game’s visuals to the next level. 

    It can be a pain to install but I highly recommend giving it another go from the top.

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