I made a mod for Oblivion

So, I made a mod for Oblivion. 

A very simple one, adding working (blessing-bestowing) altars to the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. It's the only city temple in the game that didn't have those things, so it always stuck out to me like a sore thumb. After getting Oblivion for PC recently, I decided to fix this inconsistency. 

It was easy work, though tedious. I even managed to have them break when the temple gets destroyed (which was actually a lot easier to do than I thought). If anyone had ever tried making mods for Morrowind and/or Oblivion I'd love to exchange experiences.

It's hosted on the Oblivion Nexus

You can also download it here: AotO-50507-1-0-1604617982.zip

It's my second mod ever released publicly, the first one was posted on this site exclusively (though I never considered it a finished product).

And here are some pictures: 8156733452?profile=RESIZE_710x


Anyways, I'm rambling. If any of you still have Oblivion, feel free to give it a try.


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  • Added screenshots and direct download link.

  • I'm not sure how I missed this before, but good on you! I love it when people get into these super-specific small fixes, both as a good way to learn about the process of making a game mod if you're new to it, but also to solve a problem that nobody else might put any time or effort into, but would still annoy them.

    • Messing around with modmaking is an interesting learning experience I'd recommende to everyone.

      Seems no one has done a mod like this before, though I'm sure lots of people took note of this feature missing.

      There's also a lot to take in about outside-of-the-box paths around problems. What I thought would be loads of scripting headaches (the shrines getting destroyed at the end of the game in this case) was solved by a simple cell substitution by Bethesda.

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