• I haven’t played Rigmor of Bruma since I started modding Skyrim on my old potato laptop, so I’m actually interested in replaying this mod myself at some point. If I recall correctly they’ve recently updated it after the release of Rigmor of Cyrodiil. Anyway, I’ll give you my assessment as best I can without spoiling the plot. 

    Is the voice acting good? Overall it’s great. A few of the minor side characters could have been done better, but overall the voice acting is on point. 

    Does it conflict with other mods? When I last played it, it conflicted with Immersive College of Winterhold and Fight Against the Thalmor II: Cyrodiil Frontier. Granted that may have long since changed. The mod does add a lot of new locations both within skyrim and along its outskirts so the mod works best with light load orders with minimal new locations added. 

    Is it lore friendly? I’m not all that knowledgeable on TES lore so I can’t say for certain. Hopefully a lore buff like Fimvul has played this mod and would like to give his thoughts. 

    Is it fun? Absolutely. Definitely one of the better quest mods available on the nexus. 

    • Thanks for the reply Curse! I’ve taken a chance and given this mod a try and so far I love it. Haven’t run into any conflicts so far and fingers crossed I won’t run into any af all. 

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