Tesla Cannon Morrowind Modding #2: First release!

Hello! I'm here and now to announce that my first mod ever is finished!

It's a part of the mod I was bragging about in my first modding discussion. This, is a house mod in this particular iteration.

Windy Mansion.ESP


Computer capable of running Morrowind



Feel free to give it a try and to give me some feedback. Enjoy!

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  • Very impressive. Do you have screenshots of the interior?
    • No, but I can make some.

    • Here, have some juicy screenshots

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  • If you have Morrowind, please check if it works, I'll be in your debt, it's important to me.

  • Congrats on your first mod, looks nice.
    • Thanks buddy.

    • BTW, I have sent you a message.

      • It's not showing that you sent a message...
        • I actually sent a message to both you and Curse, and at first I thought you two just weren't answering, but I suppose it may be more than that.
This reply was deleted.