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I am really struggling to use Vortex correctly with loading mods in Skyrim Special Edition.  I have watched videos and searched through discussions, but I am getting nowhere, and I am now extremely frustrated, so I am hoping that someone here can help.  I have a number of mods which I have successfully installed, but some of them do not appear as plugins.  Some of them which do not appear as plugins (two of the vampire mods) are also not working in game, while the Breton facial mod is working in game, despite not appearing as a plugin.  Can someone explain the logic of this to me (i.e. why this is happening)?  I do not understand it.  By far the biggest problem though is that I am pretty sure that the two vampire facial mods (to remove bat face and dirty face) are not working because of load order issues, but I cannot change the load order if they do not appear as plugins, or at least I cannot find out how to change the load order in this case.  Can anyone help?  Below are two screenshots of the mod list and plugin list, so that you can see what I mean:

Mod list:


Plugin list:



Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help :).

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  • I'm not an expert on Vortex nor have I used it myself. It looks to me like Vortex is having difficulty recognizing that you've enabled certain plugins. I've heard numerous complaints about Vortex similar to this, and worse. My recommendation would be to switch to Mod Organizer or Mod Organizer 2. 

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