Roleplay Guide: The Pirate

Hello everypony, RP host Chris Diokno here. I’ve decided to give a bit more back to the group. With that, I’m gonna show you how to RP the thing people love to pit against Ninjas. And no, that isn’t creepy snakelike pedophiles voiced by Steve Blum, its Pirates. Welcome to....


The Pirate



Allright landlubbers, listen up. Being a pirate in Skyrim is a bit harder than it was in previous games. For one, there is a fair shortage of big boats, but even still, you can work with that. For one, if you wanna feel like a friggin pirate, then get a ship. If you do the Dark Brotherhood questline, you can grab the Katriah. Not only is this one beautiful vessel in the ocean near Solitude, but it was the Emperorer’s personal ship. Plus, you can stay in his swanky quarters, and sit on a throne. Plus, the awesome scimitar Windshear is on the...pointy thing at the end of the ship whose term escapes my mind.


Now, you’ll want to look the part. If you want to dress like a regular crewman, then fairly shabby clothes and weapons will work. The main look for the part of a crewman would be either A. Ragged Trousers, and some daggers, no higher than steel. You’ll want to carry an assortment of these. And B. Your Clothing, with some Boots of your choice, and either a Scimitar or a Blades Sword. If you wanna be the Captain, since we lack any sort of Tricorn hat, or really any hats aside from hoods, cowls, amd fine hates, then stick with Fine Clothes, and either a Scimitar, or a Blades Sword as a makeshift Cutlass. You can of course, make your own assortment, these are just suggestions.




I recommend rarely buying things. Also, do not sneak if possible. Instead, run in, cut anyone down if you wish, and yoink anything of value. This includes any booze, jewels, jewelry, expensive clothing, weapons etc. You can then sell these at a Thieves Guild fence, or any merchant you’ve invested in with the Fence perk in Speech.


Now, you should dress your follower in one of the crewman outfits listed above. Then, grab a boat. If there is already crew, RP that they are either your crew, or you can just kill them all. You should rarely walk down onto land, instead, jump off your boat.

If it isn’t obvious, you’ll want to get as high a bounty as possible. For you, the higher the bounty, the more feared you are by the common folk, and the more despised you are by uppity nobles and crude guards. If you wish to play your character as more of a privateer, government sanctioned or freelance, then either stick to one side of the war (If sanctioned), or flip flop (if freelance), between both. If you chose a side in the Civil War, then try not to raid Holds in the protection of your employer, because that would be bad for business.

Try and eat at least two meals a day. Wash them down by “drinking”, IE crouching in water and looking downward, or holding a bottle and slapping it into the water, or by drinking lots of mead, or wine, if you’re a classier seadog.

If you eventually get tired of being a badass seaman with his crew of hardy seamen, then you can, if possible, either pay your bounty and walk as an honest man, or go to the Thieves Guild, get your bounty cleared, and keep on plundering.

Of course, stop every once in awhile, disembark your ship, and sing some bawdy sea shanties with your crew in your local tavern. Maybe start a bar fight, or five.

(Thanks to Zonnonn for these suggestions) For those interested in playing as a dark pirate, an undead captain of the damned like Pirates of the Carribean's Barbossa, or Cervantes from Soul Calibur, then investment in Raise Dead spells in Conjuration, or using the Ritual Stone, preferably with the Aetherial Crown from Dawnguard, works well. 

Before you grab the Katriah, staying in a wreck like the Wreck of the Brinehammer or the Wreck of the Ice Runner, again near Solitude for the Ice Runner, if you do the Light's Out quest, then you can use these as your home. Or use one of the manned boats you see docked here and there. 

Well, good luck you salty seadogs, and happy raiding!


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