Hello, everyone~! I promised to do a profile of my main LDB, and well--here he is! I've procrastinated for way too long... but here's my character as of now if  someone wants to roleplay with me! If anyone indeed would like to do so, I'm available on Discord <3.

You're catching Wulfgar at around level 27 in these pictures. Some of the extra details I will be putting down (the faction section, for example) will not be time-appropriate for his stated level depending on the roleplay, but they serve as fragments of his whole lore. Since his full backstory is much too long to manage in a roleplaying aspect, I've decided to water it down to his base roots, where he is most "human"....if you get my drift. 

Questtions about why I said that? Simply ask and ye shall receive. To be vague, the pictures you see are how he will appear in roleplay for the timebeing. If you wish to see his later, nearly full-powered form, I'll add an extension of this post with extra tidbits of lore that led up to that form. There will be pictures, of course. ;)

For now though, that'll be too much to put in this one post.

Let's get started!


TES Character Profile: Wulfgar Silver-Tongue




Name: Wulfgar Silver-Tongue

Alias(es)/Nickname(s): "The Lone Wolf of Bruma",  Wulf (by close associates and friends)  

Title(s):  The Last Dragonborn, Champion of the Eight, 7th Champion of Cyrodiil (formerly, in previous life)

Race: Cyrodiilic Nord 

Sex: Male

Age: 35

Birthday: 27th of Morning Star, 4E 166

Place of Birth: Bruma, Bruma County, Cyrodiil; near the Jeralls.

Current Residence: Breezehome, Whiterun

Birthsign: The Ritual

Standing Stone: The Steed

Faction Affiliations:

Fighters' Guild of Cyrodiil: Swordsman (formerly, from 4E 180 - 4E 201. Left the Guild shortly before events of Skyrim. Was Master during the events of Oblivion.)

The Blades: Honorary Member (Spared Paarthurnax.)

The Dawnguard: Field Agent (formerly. Left the order unannounced a month after events of Dawnguard.)

Vigilants of Stendarr: Vigilant (formerly. Only did so to combat Molag Bal directly in the events of Vigilant (quest mod)and left the order promptly afterwards.)

The Greybeards: Student/Apprentice

The College of Winterhold: Apprentice (Was offered the position of Archmage but gave it to Tolfdir instead. Currently actively studying the arcane arts.)






Height: 6'1 (185 cm)

Weight: 175 lbs (79.3 kg)

Physique: Bulky, due to extensive training from his childhood by his late father and the Fighters' Guild of Cyrodiil. A small amount of body fat led to a well-defined body with some vascular characteristics (that is usually hidden under clothes or armor).

Eye Color: Icy blue. It seemingly pierces those he makes eye contact with. His eyes have a subtle glow from his inner dragon soul. 

Skin Tone: Pale pink 


An heirloom embroidered Steel Plate Armor set, by his father, the original owner. It has many enchantments that protect him from nearly all natural elements. 

A fur cloak created from multiple wolf pelts that grants him frost resistance, crafted by his own hand, in response to Skyrim's harsh climate.


Heirloom Cyrodiilic Steel Sword, also from his father's armory. It has a sharpened, fine blade that deals critical bleeding damage to those that need the treatment of the blade. The blade burns like fire, and so it harbors a fire damage enchantment.

Cyrodiilic Silver Sword that was obtained while he was in the Fighters' Guild. It deals critical damage to the undead. 

Personality: Wulfgar Silver-Tongue's personality is not what one would consider to be conventionally..."heroic". Having dealt with the loss of his entire family at the conclusion of the Great War,  that proud, childish boy was no longer. Despite these troubling losses, Wulf maintained his own code of conduct, pledging no permanent allegiance to any one organization, preferring to work alone and find peace in his own way. He does not tolerate any lies, and would meet such transgressions with a threat, and if he was in a bad mood to start with, it typically ends in a bloody nose or even a broken limb for the other party. However it may look though, if he sees someone being troubled by something, the offending party would be met with his full wrath, but in the end, would pay no heed to the person he saved, always in a rush to find stimulation to cope with the traumatic memories of seeing his family being dragged away from him, honing his hatred for the Thalmor in the present-day (however, he is neutral in the ongoing Civil War). As a result of his rebellious habits, the people of Northern Cyrodiil and Skyrim call him the "Lone Wolf of Bruma." With his notorious personality, he could bring even the most stubborn to their knees regarding sensitive matters, reflecting on his gift of the "Tongue" that his family bloodline was known for. Outside of all interaction, Wulfgar is a brooding presence to those who are near him. Some would daresay that he has no emotion but silent anger and torment from within. It is indeed quite rare to see him smiling and laughing, except when he is spending time with those he knows he could trust. Even if he laughs, however, it sometimes comes off as a scoff, but that is simply because he had grown too used to being in such a depressive state.

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Good (formerly)

Supernatural: N/A

Class: Spellsword/Warrior


Non-Combat Equipment: Potions of Cure Disease, Potions of Ultimate Healing,  Nord Mead, Potions of Ultimate Stamina, Potions of Ultimate Magicka. 

Spells, Shouts, and Powers: Skills:

Ice Form shout (Mastered), Unrelenting Force (Mastered),  Fire Breath (Mastered),  Fireball, Ice Spikes, Battle Cry racial power, Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other.  

Skill Levels:

Warrior Skills

One-Handed -- Expert

Block -- Expert

Heavy Armor -- Apprentice

Two-Handed -- Apprentice


Mage Skills :

Destruction -- Adept

Restoration -- Adept

Enchanting -- Novice






Backstory: (WARNING: potential spoilers ahead. Brace yourself. Also its a long one. A lot of unfortunate things happened to him and his family over the years spanning between Oblivion and Skyrim.)

Wulfgar Silver-Tongue is the last direct descendent of the once-proud Silver-Tongue family who had always served the Empire,  ranging from bards who've sung of encouragement and hope for the Empire's goals and achievements, to warriors who have fought legendary wars of the past directly alongside the Legion. One thing stood fast for the bloodline, and that is they were gifted by the Divines with their outstanding speechcraft, hence the name. One of the Silver-Tongues' greatest achievements was stopping the Oblivion Crisis, a major apocalyptic event in 3E 433 that shook the entirety of Tamriel. The Champion of Cyrodiil was a Silver-Tongue by the name of Wuulnmar, who gained prominence after destroying countless Gates of Oblivion to Mehrunes Dagon's realm, opened by the Daedric cult known as the Mythic Dawn, whose legacy now lays sundered. To think that a meagre bard would become one of the greatest figures in Tamriel's history was the last thing anyone would have expected. Thrown into prison on charges of charming a Legion Watch Captain's wife away from her husband, he was given the death penalty, originally scheduled to be a week after his apparent release and pardon by the Emperor, Uriel Septim VII. Wuulnmar had a change of heart, and renounced his bardic duties for a time soon after the Mythic Dawn assassinated the Emperor, and became a hardy warrior who relied greatly on the Nine's protection, the archetype of a faithful paladin. When Martin, the last of the Septims, was found during the siege of Kvatch, it gave him much hope to move forward and later become the Champion of Cyrodiil. In response to the sacrifice of Martin later in mid-Heartfire, Wuulnmar also became the Second Divine Crusader as a pilgrimage in remembrance of the ascended Septim. The now-renowned Champion then retired from his duties after helping the remainder of the Cyrodiilic people regain their morale, returning to his bardic roots to start a family anew sometime in 4E 8, eventually birthing the generations that brought Wulfgar into the world. In 4E 10, Potentate Ocato, the Altmer who named him the Champion of Cyrodiil, was assassinated by Thalmor agents. This incident began the family trend of living in hiding from  all that is related to the now-sundered Legion and their Thalmor associates. Political strife and intervention with the Silver-Tongue family did not end there, as nearly a decade later, Wuulnmar's credit as the 7th Champion of Cyrodiil was thrown asunder by rumors perpetuated by the growing Third Aldmeri Dominion, and some of his family's close friends and associates were killed in the ensuing purge of those who knew the truth behind the Oblivion Crisis' conclusion. Having enough of the lies, the bloodshed, and forced to deny that he was the true hero of the Crisis,  he took his family and quickly left for Skyrim for a time in early 4E 22, in an effort to escape potential assassination, until shortly after the cleanup of the Umbriel Crisis, when it finally felt safe for him to return to Cyrodiil, having been presumed dead during the events of the Crisis.

Wuulnmar then passed away at a ripe old age of 81 in mid-Evening Star, 4E 49, in Chorrol. He was surrounded by his 6 grown children who had already began families of their own while they were in Skyrim, as well as his loving Imperial wife. Owing to Wuulnmar's lasting legacy,  Wulf's bardic Nord mother named him after Wuulnmar's alternate alias, "Wulfgar", the name the Champion took ever since his and his family's apparent exile. Little did she know, however, that Wulf's body harbored the spirit of the Champion, as a result of his spirit having been in the Dreamsleeve before the time of reincarnation. Wuulnmar's spirit thus never went to Sovngarde for a permanent stay because he did not die valiantly, as per the custom of those who have Nord blood flowing in their veins, and was reincarnated back into the world within Wulf's infant body. 

His mother's wish to raise him as a bard never came to fruition, ruined by the Great War's intervention. His father sacrificed himself while trying to save the family from an invasion of Bruma, and his mother quickly escaped and took Wulfgar to the Fighters' Guild in Cheydinhal to have him be raised as a battle-hardened warrior instead, in an effort to have him learn to defend himself in the tumultuous times to come. As she returned to Bruma, she gave herself to the Thalmor, and was arrested for being a worshipper of the Ninth Divine, Talos, whose worship is outlawed in the White-Gold Concordat. News eventually reached Wulf as he became Swordsman of the Fighters' Guild in 4E 189 that she was going to be taken into prison for life, and potentially death. This was the moment in which all of Wulf's pride in the family (as well as the Legion) shattered, and thus began his slow descent into his current state, his once-optimistic personality becoming twisted by the emotions that had developed over time, the courier's words constantly ringing within his head as a reminder of what transpired post-Great War for the years to come. In an attempt to sate his thirst for vengeance, he began trekking to Skyrim after dismissing himself from the Fighters' Guild in mid-4E 201, determined to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy near Solitude and kill all the Thalmor operatives and collaborators within.

However...just as he arrived at the border, he was captured by patrolling Imperial soldiers, and thrown into the back cart of a wooden carriage. Taken to the block to be duly executed in Helgen, it was interrupted by the arrival of Alduin, the draconic Devourer of the World. Taken aback by an Imperial soldier's kindness (Hadvar), he narrowly escaped the fiery breath of the World-Eater, and eventually found himself in the company of the Greybeards, who have declared him the Last Dragonborn when he first absorbed a dragon's soul. Compelled by his innate hidden sense of duty, he climbed the Seven-Thousand Steps and went to High Hrothgar, where he demonstrated his unique gift to the monks, and came into apprenticeship with them. For the majority of the Dragon Crisis, he visited the Greybeards on numerous occasions to better control his newfound powers, as well as coping with the losses he had suffered in a better manner, venting through his meditation of the legendary Thu'um. 

After the defeat of Alduin at the summit of Sovngarde and honing his skills in magic through the College of Winterhold,  he settled in Whiterun in the small quaint home of Breezehome, where he lives to this day. In the quiet peace that he enjoyed for the time-being, he occasionally visits Temples of the Divines in each Hold of Skyrim where he makes daily pilgrimages to the Aedra, whom he reveres.

[Warning: mod questline spoilers ahead. You have been warned.]

A few months after the Alduin Crisis...a Vigilant of Stendarr paid him a visit within a tavern. The Vigilant was of the name Altano, a high elf who was recruiting new Vigilants after the order fell by the hands of rogue vampires during the events of Dawnguard. Little did Wulfgar know, however, that this meeting would change his life...forever.

Fighting through corrupted Vigilants who had fallen prey to the Blood Matron's influence, his power grew steadily, to the point that it caught the attention of the Daedric Prince of Domination, Molag Bal. Overseeing Wulfgar's progress throughout the events of Vigilant  through the eyes of his pawns, his interest in the strengthening Dragonborn became overwhelming, and so paid direct visit to him in the haunted mansion of the Bruiants in the town of Chorrol, attempting to offer Wulfgar a kind of "helping hand", to release him from the rapidly-deteriorating mansion. Out of desperation, Wulfgar had no choice but to accept the Daedric Prince's offer, and went into Coldharbour himself to release the tortured souls of the old Knights of the Nine,  as well as an old paladin friend from the days of Oblivion, Melus Petilius, in an effort to greatly weaken the influence of Molag Bal. Wulfgar had also overseen the invasion of Coldharbour by another Daedric Prince, Jyggalag, whose "perfect light" had illuminated the once-dark and swampy realm, and led a mass effort to weaken Molag Bal himself. The effects of having been in the realm lingered even after Wulfgar had successfully escaped, however, making him vulnerable to any sort of Daedric magic from that point forward, as his spirit and body had been attuned to Aedric magic for such a long time. The smallest Daedric taint would make him sick, to the point that common healing practices wouldn't work, unless the healer had fully mastered the Magic School of Restoration. Since the traumatic experience of having been in such a dilapitated realm of Oblivion, Wulfgar had been in retirement from his normal duties, going to Temples of the Divines much more often, in attempts to cleanse any traces of Daedric taint upon him. 

Little did he know, however...that something would soon happen that would call his undivided attention once more...



Aight, I'm ending it here. Like I said at the beginning of this post, his eventual ascent into near god-like status as Dragonborn will be explained in a later post, if allowed and/or needed. 

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  •  Great profile. Really enjoyed the read and the backstory behind the char. I do wish the screenshots were easier to see (on my screen, the char's face is very dark in each pic). Well done though!

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